Toilet design 2022: modern interior in different styles

In this article, you will find many ideas for a stylish toilet area, which more often than not is not an easy place to design because of limited space. In addition to the inspiration in the photos, you will learn what to look out for when furnishing a toilet. Learn the tricks of the best designers on how to furnish this space in the house.

Toilet design 2022: the choice of the toilet bowl

No toilet can be imagined without a toilet. There is a choice of the traditional standing option and a hanging toilet. The second solution is currently winning all ratings of popularity. Its advantage lies primarily in the fact that the model has a light shape, works perfectly in any bathroom. In addition, it is easier to keep clean with such a toilet. Suspended toilets are attached to a rack concealed in the wall. The wall concealing the frame can be designed in several different ways:

all the way to the ceiling (inside you can arrange shelves, which for the best effect should be illuminated);

only up to the point to which it is obligatory (you will create a shelf on which you can store different kinds of toiletries).

Keep in mind that you should choose the size of the toilet bowl under the meter. The correct parameters of the bowl will guarantee the comfortable use of the toilet.

In addition to the functionality, you should pay attention to the design of the toilet bowl. In the market you can choose a model not only in different forms (geometric, oval, stylized), but also in colors. Maybe a colored toilet bowl will suit your toilet?

Sink for the toilet in 2022

In addition to the toilet bowl, the main element of toilet equipment is the sink. Due to the fact that most often this room is small, the sink should also be small parameters. Suspended model is best suited for this type of room, because it takes up less space. In this case, do not forget to choose a decorative faucet, as well as a siphon that will not spoil the appearance.

If you have a little more space, you can put a sink with a cabinet, which will not only provide additional storage space, but also guaranteed to decorate the design with its appearance.

Toilet with shower

If the toilet area isn’t too small at all, it’s worth thinking about having a shower. This is a great solution as a guest bathroom and for large families. Just remember not to clutter the bathroom and use solutions that won’t burden the project. In this case, minimalist glazing is ideal, as well as a linear drain.

A toilet with a toilet and bidet is a great solution if you have a little more space. You can successfully place additional plumbing fixtures in the room. Most often it is a bidet, although you can also choose a urinal.

Accessories for a stylish toilet 2022In the design of the toilet, every detail is important. All elements must be in harmony with each other, because in a small footprint any shortcomings are immediately apparent. If you are not sure that you will create a harmonious whole, choose accessories from the same collection.

Fashionable wall and floor finishes

Choose the tiles that have the most impact on the final look of the bathroom. Just remember that you don’t have to tile the walls all the way to the ceiling. You can only do it halfway and cover the rest of the walls in your color of choice, such as navy blue, green, or even black. Alternatives to tile are wallpaper, photo wallpaper, as well as beautiful plaster. Any interior can be decorated tastefully. Just strategize well and develop functional solutions that will also be relevant. The right choice of materials, textures and structures and colors can work optical wonders.

Stylish design of a small toilet

The toilet, although an important room in any home, usually occupies a small portion. Small does not always mean cramped, contrary to popular belief, toilets can accommodate the two main plumbing fixtures, that is, a toilet bowl and a sink, as well as shelves and cabinets that are always useful.

Optical increase in space in the toilet

One of the most famous elements used to visually enhance any space are mirrors. It is thanks to them you can get the effect of depth. The skillful juxtaposition of mirrored surfaces can work wonders. The most popular are the panels glued on the wall.

Above the sink is a mirror, which visually enlarges the interior. Daredevils can choose a model that occupies the entire wall or most of its surface. This will help to make the space twice as big. Another trick that will increase the room by a couple of square meters — mirror tiles, which can be both traditional and mosaic.

Equally interesting and important are the lighting and color scheme of the interior. They very often determine the attractiveness of the room and affect your well-being during your stay in it. Light colors optically enlarge the space, and the light points, placed in different places, brighten up the interior.

Large tile formats also work in favor of the interior. An important element in the design of the toilet is proper lighting. In addition to the lamp, which is a source of general light, it is worth choosing an additional lamp by the mirror above the sink, such as a sconce or a lamp on a long cable.

Another noteworthy touch are flush-mount toilets, which can be adapted to any environment. Popular flush-mount toilet kits allow you to free up the floor, which is also an effective arrangement for small spaces.

It is also worth introducing an element like a photo wallpaper or an interesting pattern (such as tile), which will help bring out the depth and bring a pleasant atmosphere to the toilet. This type of arrangement can be applied to the entire wall or parts of it.

The 2022 toilet design allows for the use of subtle decorative elements. Placing even an ordinary lantern on the floor, a hanging image on the wall, an interesting lamp or the use of original accessories can be the key to the successful layout of even such a modest space.

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