Tiles in the kitchen interior: how to make the right choice?

To use tiles in the design of the interior of the kitchen — a practical and beautiful decision. Modern tiles are characterized by decent quality characteristics and exquisite design. How to choose the right tiles for your kitchen?

Types of kitchen tiles

Before proceeding to the choice of tiles, it is worth studying its types and features of each of them. The most common and often used type is wall tiles made of ceramic covered with enamel, which has excellent resistance to moisture and various chemicals.

Porcelain tiles, thanks to its wear-resistant qualities are perfect for the walls and floor in the kitchen. Due to resistance to temperature differences porcelain tile can be used on outdoor verandas, terraces, pergolas.

Glass tiles are incredibly beautiful and stylish finishing material, and care for it will not be difficult.

Tiles of cement — the original and original, has high strength, it is better to use it in the interior decoration occasionally or as an accent.

Ceramic tile in the interior of the kitchen

Ceramic tile has earned its popularity and demand due to its exceptional qualities: durability, strength, affordability, safety, moisture and heat resistance, a variety of options for decoration and design of the finishing material. Ceramic tiles are used for finishing kitchen walls over the entire surface or separate areas, such as the so-called apron.

Glazed tiles in the kitchen

Tiles with an additional outer layer of glaze is a type of ceramic tiles. Due to the additional coating of glaze, the tile becomes even more durable, shiny and shiny. However, you should pay attention to safety issues: such tiles are not recommended for the floor because of the very slippery surface.

Mirror tiles in the kitchen interior

Tiles with a mirror surface impresses with their appearance, and also visually increases the size of the kitchen and the level of light due to the ability to reflect. Most often, mirror tiles in the interior of the kitchen are used to finish the walls, and sometimes — to finish the surface of the kitchen ceiling.

The apron of tiles in the interior of the kitchen

The apron is the section of the wall above the working kitchen surface, which is the most heavily polluted. Naturally, such an actively used area requires a kind of protection. Therefore, in the majority of kitchen interiors there are aprons made of tiles.

The most suitable in terms of quality characteristics types of tiles for finishing the apron are the following: tiles cabanchik elongated shape in a variety of colors and with an original decor; small spectacular mosaic tiles, tile imitation of brick or stone; unusual hexagonal tiles «honeycomb» of different sizes; small square tiles in different shades.

Wall tiles for the kitchen

The frequent choice of tiles for finishing walls is not accidental, it is due to a number of advantages of wall tiles: practicality, durability, affordable cost, lightness and ease of maintenance. In comparison with the advantages of wall tiles for the kitchen pale, but there are still disadvantages: the constant low temperature of the product, not high enough noise insulation, the complexity and length of preparation work and installation. In addition to the basic type of ceramic, clinker, porcelain, stone, gypsum tiles, majolica and mosaic are used for kitchen walls.

Floor tiles in the kitchen

Floor tiles have indisputable positive characteristics: durability, practicality, it is easy to clean, including the use of detergents and antiseptics. Floor tiles look very noble and stylish. Among the disadvantages, perhaps, one, but very important: tiles are always very cold.

Today, this disadvantage can and should be counteracted with a «warm floor» system, which is installed in advance, before the installation of tiles.

The best shapes for floor tiles are considered a square and rectangle in the medium and large size. The color is chosen depending on the size of the kitchen and the style of the kitchen interior. You can also choose the original form of laying tiles: traditional, diagonal or offset, herringbone or modular grid. The most common and popular types of floor tiles are made of ceramic, porcelain and quartzvinyl.

White tiles in the interior of the kitchen

The use of white tiles in the kitchen will create a clean and airy interior design. White ceramic tiles are available in glossy and matte versions, most often they are used for finishing the apron and kitchen walls, very rarely — for the floor. White color is versatile and harmoniously combined with various shades in many interior styles, fills the room with light, creates a unique atmosphere.

Black tiles in the kitchen

Elegant, austere and stylish black color of tile flooring — the basis for a bold and unique interior design. Black tiles can often be found in the finishing of the floor or parts of the walls, including the apron. Black tiles are preferred for use in kitchens of sufficient or large area, effectively combined with white, pastel colors, bright shades as accents.

Gray tile for the kitchen

If you need a fairly neutral solution in the finishing of the walls or floor, the best option is gray tiles. Tiles in beautiful gray and silver-gray shades are also suitable for stylish kitchen interiors as a finishing material for any surface. Gray color is very versatile, so it is very important to choose a harmonious and win-win combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen.

The tiles you choose are made of quality material and in the right design, will help to implement the conceived stylish, functional and comfortable interior in your kitchen. Have a creative success.

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