The mirror in the bathroom: choose the best one!

The mirror is an important functional and decorative element of the interior. In some rooms, including the bathroom, you can’t do without it.

Mirror for the bathroom

When responsibly choosing a mirror for the bathroom, be sure to pay attention to several basic characteristics. First of all, it is important to correctly determine the appropriate size of the mirror, taking into account the area of the room and the size of other significant interior items.

The height of the placed mirror should eventually be 10-15 centimeters tall for the person using it. In a large family, focus on the height of the tallest representative.

If the room is not large in area, you can place two mirrors in different areas for ease of use: one above the sink, the other above the bathroom. In a large bathroom, there can be several mirrors, including mirror surfaces can be used in the decoration of the room.

The next important aspect is the design of the mirror, which consists of the base and directly the mirror coating. Wood, plastic, chipboard are used to make the base, and to create a mirror layer use budget aluminum or more wear-resistant, but also more expensive silver.

No less important for a beautiful interior and comfortable use nuance — the form of the bathroom mirror. The most popular shapes are square and rectangle, circle and oval, but you can meet unusual shapes: stars, hearts, waves.

Mirrors are necessarily placed in frames for safe and gentle use. The most actual modern materials for mirror frames are moisture-resistant plastic, stainless steel and budget aluminum. Incredibly beautiful and elegant mirror frames are also made of natural wood, but wood is not particularly moisture resistant, so a wooden mirror frame is only suitable for well-ventilated bathrooms.

Mirror with lighting in the bathroom

Backlit bathroom mirror is a great additional functional option. For women it is very convenient to use the mirror with light when applying make-up, cosmetic masks, styling hair and for men it will make the daily shaving procedure much more qualitative and safe. By no means unimportant is the fact that the light reflecting in the mirror and radiating light will visually enlarge the bathroom, will create a special atmosphere.

Presently there are two main kinds of lightning: external and internal. In the first case, the lamps or spotlights are located above, to the side or around the mirror on special metal mounts. In the second case, the lamps are technologically built into the mirrored surface around the perimeter, creating an incredibly attractive luminous effect.

For quality and beautiful backlighting, several varieties of lamps and lighting fixtures are used. Economical fluorescent lamps serve as a source of diffused, and as close to natural, light as possible. Bright and brittle halogen lamps have a long lifespan. Among the advantages of LED lamps are quality comfortable light, durability, economy.

Sink with mirror for the bathroom

Not aging and not losing relevance tandem of the sink with a mirror — a great, convenient and affordable solution for the bathroom. The appearance of such a combination is due, first of all, to the convenience of use in daily hygienic procedures. In modern design, there are many original samples of such sets, often complemented by a cabinet or shelves.

In order for the sink with a mirror to be not only functional, but also beautiful designers recommend listening to some tips. For example, it is important to observe the correct size ratio of products: to a large sink in a spacious bathroom, a voluminous mirror will be ideal. The frame and cabinet under the sink, made of the same material, look beautiful.

Bathroom cabinet with mirror

The cabinet with mirror doors for the bathroom is an ergonomic solution. By placing storage systems behind the mirror surface, we solve two issues: where to store hygiene products and cosmetics and where to place the mirror. Such mirrored wall cabinets are most often placed above the sink, which can be complemented by a floor cabinet. There are less common, but very interesting options: a corner cabinet with a mirror, a mirrored bathroom cabinet.

Mirror in the tile in the bathroom

When finishing the walls of the bathroom, you can use a mirror theme in two of the most common ways. The first is to place a separate mirror in the tile masonry, the second way is to finish the walls with mirror tiles. Mirror in tile — a budget, affordable and original option. Mirror tile, of course, looks luxurious and unusual, visually expands the space of the bathroom, but it has a high cost and fragility. Nevertheless, both options are quite common in modern bathroom interiors.

Sensor mirror for the bathroom

The touch or smart mirror is a new high-tech word in residential interior design. The touch mirror is less complex and is only responsible for the backlighting. The smart mirror is a quality reflection, and a full screen for working with Internet applications, and an incredibly beautiful element of the interior with fantastic backlighting.

The screen of the smart mirror has a clock, weather data, applications with your favorite music, photos and social networks. The advanced technology embodied in such a mirror makes a lasting impression. The expensive gadget successfully solves daily household issues on a high-tech level.

Suitable in all parameters, a beautiful mirror for your bathroom will decorate it perfectly, will make your morning more comfortable, which is sure to be the beginning of a great day.

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