Suspended toilet — comfort and cleanliness in a modern interior

Bathroom fixtures are becoming increasingly constructive, interesting and practical. Manufacturers strive to ensure that interior items for sewage and water supply meet increased functionality, reducing water consumption, facilitating comfortable use, protecting against bacteria and speeding up cleaning.

Therefore, the toilet is not only a basic element of interior design, but also an important bathroom equipment to organize the ergonomic and ecological space. But what to do when a small bathroom in an apartment is a problem to install the necessary plumbing? Of course, consider the hanging toilet, which is presented in the photo gallery.

Advantages of hanging toilets

With the help of suspended toilets you can follow new trends from the world of plumbing, replacing bulky models with unsightly details. The space of the bathroom will be visually enlarged thanks to the hanging toilet, as there will be a free plane on the floor. The area of the room will be easier to clean, because dirt will no longer collect in hard-to-reach areas under the plumbing.

Practical frame systems for toilets allow you to fantasize in the design of the interior of the room, and also provide an opportunity to install the most innovative equipment for personal hygiene procedures. Modern manufacturers of sanitary ware specialize in the production of installation structures for corner installation, which allow you to use even the tightest corners of the bathroom.

The main advantages of hanging toilets:

  • Lower depth and space saving;
  • better combination of plumbing with small rooms;
  • more space for other objects in the room;
  • the same convenience as when using a standard toilet.
  • Suspended toilet with installation

Toilet installation systems are optimal for the arrangement of the interior of the modern bathroom. With the flush design, the water treatment room can become a comfort zone for physiological needs as well as a decoration of the whole house.

Concealed installation system will allow you to make so that the wall-hung toilet fits harmoniously into the bathroom and does not burden it with unnecessary details in the form of a cistern flush or sewage pipes. Installation system of European brands will allow you to install the suspension faience and ceramic products in the best way. The bathroom will acquire a modernized appearance.

At what height to place the hanging toilet?

It is best to place the wall-hung toilet at a height of 40-50 cm.

The deciding factor should be the height of the person using the toilet, because it is this indicator provides convenience when using.

How much space to allocate for hanging the toilet bowl?

The free space in front of the toilet should be 60-80 cm.

The distance between the toilet bowl and other devices should be at least 20 cm.

Rimless hanging toilet bowl

The problem of owners of traditional toilets is the difficulty to get to places and secluded corners, where dangerous bacteria breed, as well as high water consumption during flushing.

So, today, plumbing manufacturers have tried to solve these problematic issues as much as possible with the rimless wall-hung toilet. This is not only a popular design trend for style seekers, but above all, a clean toilet, safety, ecology and economy. It is an innovation that is based on a special bowl design.

The lack of a rim makes the water from the hidden cistern or water tank spread inside the bowl so that it reaches all its recesses. Also of note is the optimal rinsing system inside the bowl. Dynamic nozzles direct the water over the entire surface of the ceramic without splashing it out.

The advantages of a rimless wall-hung toilet:

  • much faster cleaning: to keep the toilet clean, there is no need to use cleaning products with a special contour dispenser, such as Domestos;
  • less water consumption: from the standard 6 liters to 3-4 liters for rinsing;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • hygiene.

Rimless wall-hung toilet is a product that deserves attention. The design of the toilet seat without an internal clamp is one of the most popular trends in the bathroom industry, which is used by almost all leading manufacturers. The reason? Rimless toilets are a guarantee that the bathtub will be clean, protect users from bacteria, saving water.

Hanging toilet with a microlift is a popular trend

The competition in the market is huge, each manufacturer of bathroom items is improving their products, adding attractive solutions that make human life easier in every way, while maintaining a beautiful design.

Especially popular is the suspended toilet with a microlift, that is, a smooth lowering of the lid. Today there is a wide range of such sanitary ware, so it remains only to choose the most suitable model for your bathroom. Manufacturers are increasingly abandoning the standard standing toilets, because the hanging model has already gained great popularity.

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