The kitchen has long ceased to be exclusively the work area of every housewife. After all, in this place every evening families gather for dinner, drink tea with friends and discuss the news of the day. In addition, it is in the kitchen where family members spend most of their time in the morning and after the working day.

Therefore this room should be not only functional, but filled with a special cozy atmosphere. So, what should be paid attention to when planning the kitchen design? What color solution will be relevant? About this and much more we will talk right now. Trends in kitchen design 2018 Of course, all apartments and houses differ from each other in appearance, as well as layout, size.

Therefore, choosing a design for your own home, be sure to consider not only fashion trends and your preferences, but also the peculiarities of the construction and location of the kitchen. As for design, trends do not change as often and dramatically as in clothing. But nevertheless, in 2018, designers highlight several trends that will be appropriate for any size kitchen.

Eco-friendliness throughout

Perhaps the top trend of 2018 is the use of eco-friendly materials. This applies to absolutely everything that will be needed in the repair and finishing of the kitchen. Of course, the cost of such materials is always higher, but it is justified. After all, despite the high cost, they will be safer for the health of your family. More light One of the most current trends in kitchen design is the presence of space and light.

Of course, to realize this is sometimes quite difficult, especially in small rooms. But nevertheless, if you approach it comprehensively, everything is sure to work out. To begin with, we recommend paying attention to light furniture and a matching tone of finish. But remember that the storage cabinets should not be too much. Also for the visual correction of space, mirror and glossy surfaces are suitable. A great solution in this situation will be panoramic windows, due to which there will always be more light in the kitchen. And of course, do not forget about the artificial lighting. With its help it is possible to place accents and highlight the work surface.

Topical colors

As for the color scheme, in 2018 it has changed its direction. Previously, designers recommended to look out for natural shades, both bright and more restrained. Now it will be more relevant light colors.

For example, white is a classic color, which is trendy and timeless. In addition, different tones of this color allow you to visually make the room larger, and this is a great solution for a small size kitchen. However, if this option seems too boring to you, you can slightly expand the color scheme.

That is, combine white with pastel or gray. It looks no less stylish and modern. This design is definitely still relevant in 2018. Contrasting shades in the kitchen can still be used. However, we recommend choosing not the classic black and white color. Take a closer look at different shades, such as graphite or dark gray, as well as milk, beige.

Such combinations look no less effective and stylish. Very beautiful in the kitchen looks a combination of white color with wooden texture. Many refer it to the classics, but nevertheless it looks more refined. In addition, every hostess will appreciate the practicality of this solution.


To make the effect of a light, minimalist space in the kitchen, it is worth thinking in advance about the location of appliances. This is a very important nuance, so we recommend not to save money and choose a built-in option. This will significantly save space, and the kitchen will look more modern and spacious. And after all, this is the effect that you need to achieve in 2018.

Modern design of a small kitchen

Planning the design of a small size kitchen is much more difficult. After all, you need to take into account a lot of nuances and organize everything as comfortably as possible. In addition, you should not forget about the color scheme, which will be relevant in 2018. In the first place, we recommend to pay attention to the furniture. It should not be too much, so that the room does not look too cluttered.

Focus on the style of high-tech, oriental or modern. They are characterized by high technology, the use of natural materials and almost total absence of additional decorations. But this does not mean that you have to restrict yourself to certain limits. If you want, you can combine styles with each other and add interesting details to the interior.

Due to this, the kitchen will be filled with a special family atmosphere of coziness. As mentioned above, a properly chosen color scheme helps to visually correct a small kitchen. Therefore, light shades of beige, white or milky are ideal for kitchen furniture. Contrary to popular belief, it does not require too much effort in cleaning. It all depends solely on regularity.

We also recommend refraining from installing wall-mounted cabinets. In 2018, interesting glass fronts, as well as open shelves will regain popularity. All this looks very original, but at the same time laconic.

Therefore, it is ideal for a small size kitchen. Another important point for small spaces is thoughtful storage systems. Pay attention to transforming sections, different additional work surfaces and drawers. Refuse from too strongly protruding handles on furniture and intense decor. All this allows you to optimize the space as much as possible, without cluttering it with unnecessary details.

Kitchen design: novelties in the photo

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