More recently, for any women’s image girls and women were necessary to adhere to certain criteria, and the entire closet can generally be divided into casual and business clothing, sportswear and outfits for special occasions. However, time goes forward inexorably, and trends relating to fashionable clothing are constantly updated and to replace established rules come creative and fresh ideas, among which the original direction of street style or street style. Such a decision allows you to combine absolutely diverse things in an outfit and look trendy and stylish at the same time.

The main trends

The street style of clothing is often called an urban style, as all the main trends and trends, in which a combination of many directions is noted, originate exactly on the streets of big cities. This trend is characterized by the presence of biker images and boho aesthetics, elements of ethnic styles and classics, sports-chic and modern, casual and grunge outfits. It is worth noting that the choice of components of street style outfits is quite individual for each fashionista, and new images are constantly updated.

Street women’s fashion 2022 welcomes the lampshades and voluminous outerwear, massive sneakers, «rough» boots, sneakers and multicolored sandals. And also all kinds of products from denim, silk sets, cropped tops, longshirts, sweatshirts and jackets, elongated shirts and vests, loose-fitting jackets, a variety of dresses and many accessories, including stylish panama hats and baseball caps, aviator glasses, original bags and jewelry.

Colors and prints

Fashionable street style direction does not have any restrictions in choosing a color palette. Therefore, when creating images ladies may not deny themselves the use of favorite colors. It will be pertinent to look as a calm basic complete set with bright details as an accent, and each of the options separately.

If we talk about the trend novelties of the season 2022, in this case, the fashion designers select the classic black and white, green, yellow and gray, emerald and blue, cherry and marsallow, pink, purple, beige palette, denim and many other positions.

As for prints, check, stripes, polka dots, abstract patterns and geometric composition in the color block style, as well as inscriptions, floral motifs, prints and the technique of applying images in the «tai-dai» style remain in demand.

Stylish decor

Sooner or later the trends of past seasons come back in fashion, and one of these megastyle novelties of 2022 was the fringe, which can decorate any piece of women’s closet, from the sleeves of jackets, ending with skirts and dresses.

No less creative solution is the use of lace inserts in the clothes or the use of such a sexy and exciting fantasy fabric for sewing products entirely, which is especially relevant when choosing a fashionable blouse, dress or top. And the third decorative element in the direction of street fashion has become the fringe on the sleeves, chest, sides or back of women’s clothes, which allows any familiar thing to look fresh and unconventional.

Spring coat

Trendy coats have long been an integral part of the female closet, because they always look dignified and considered the standard of elegance. To combine such a closet item is acceptable with dresses and skirts of different lengths, jeans, straight and tapered pants. No less attractive option can be called a tandem lightweight coat with tights in a check or leopard print.

Jackets and blazers

Jackets and blazers of all kinds are the best pieces of women’s clothing, able to complete the fashionable image in street style. Especially if we’re talking about fitted or loose products in red, coral, lemon color, fuchsia colored models, checked or polka dots with patch pockets, collar and original cut of sleeves.

Sweaters, turtlenecks and sweatshirts

Another indispensable component of the female image in the spring-summer period of 2022 are light knitted or crocheted products — sweaters, sweatshirts and turtlenecks, which will be a wonderful addition to any kind of pants or skirts. In fashionable classic and bulk products with an open shoulder line and slits, creative applications and prints.

Shirts and blouses Choosing as the top of a fashionable blouse or shirt, you can give preference to any model that will conform to fashion trends. This may be a product with voluminous sleeves, stand-up collar, ruffles and bows, open shoulders and asymmetrical bottom. Trending are monochrome products, models in plaid and polka dot prints, products with flowers and stripes.

Skirts and shorts

Actual length of the skirt for the spring summer can vary at will of the fashionista. Among the trendy proposals are ultra-fashionable straight miniskirts and fluttering pleated skirts, trapezoidal models, classic pencil skirt and products on the smell, translucent airy skirts of lace and with eye-catching appliques.

As for the trendy shorts, in this spring-summer season it is acceptable to give preference to shortened products, bikinis and Bermuda made of cotton, jersey and denim with patch pockets, embroidery and other decorations.

Jeans and pants

Pants and jeans have long acted as a comfortable and practical women’s clothing. They are perfectly combined with any top and allow women or girls to feel more comfortable in any situation. Ideal for sets in the urban style are considered pants palazzo and culottes, models flared, pants straight cut and products with narrowed and shortened to the bottom of the pants.

Denim pants are characterized by the presence of «ragged» edges, fringes, scuffs and «torn holes». Fashionable dresses Outfits street style for spring and summer 2022 is simply impossible to imagine without a fashionable dress. The more so that the variety of models of such a piece of clothing promises to pleasantly surprise even the most demanding young lady.

For spring images acceptable to use products from jersey and thicker fabrics with long sleeves and under the neck. In summer, give preference to dresses of airy materials, with open shoulders or necklines. And most importantly — any dress can be combined with other outfits such as a sweater or shirt.


The main role of accessories is to complete any woman’s image, and city style outfits are no exception. In fashion a variety of bags, for example, in the form of a bag, or with a metal handle ring of maxi and micro size, aviator glasses, watches, original earrings and bracelets, baseball caps, miniature hats and models with wide fields.

Street fashion is essentially an atypical style, which allows you to implement the most non-trivial ideas and create amazing images in everyday life. In other words, street style is both simple and comfortable clothing sets, created on the basis of personal preferences of each member of the fair sex..

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