Stylish sunglasses are a spectacular finishing touch in the creation of a refined and fashionable female image. Plus, sunglasses perform the function of reliable eye protection from the effects of ultraviolet rays and bright light. Sunglasses are most in demand during the spring-summer sun-active period.

Fashion trends

When choosing sunglasses for spring-fall 2022, you should pay attention to three key criteria: frame, lenses, design. Of course, the material of the frame is important but the design is also important, for example in 2022 frames with polka dots and stripes, leopard, crocodile and other animalistic prints and inscriptions are trending. Among the fashion trends are frames in bright colors such as bright red, lenses in classic black and brown or elegant ombre lenses.


Tishades or lennons are still among the trendy models in the spring and summer of 2022 — small glasses with a regular round shape in a frame of metal, plastic and even wood. Tishades with multicolored or mirror lenses look especially impressive.

Rectangles and hexagons

The right geometric shapes and figures, in particular a square or rectangle, which are embodied in the forms of sunglasses, firmly took the leading positions in the fashionable season of spring-summer 2022. And hexagonal sunglasses frames became a popular fashion novelty. The popular «pussycat» shape underwent a transformation into stylish triangles.


The opposite of the trendy oversizes are sunglasses with an original name and shape — trinity. Small and elegant, like the main character of the cult «Matrix», sunglasses are presented in bright colors, original prints and stylish decor. Trinity is a stylish accessory for the most extravagant images.

Futuristic glasses

Sunglasses of the future will be suitable only for courageous progressive fashionistas, who are not afraid of experiments with appearance and style. The shapes of the frames of such glasses amaze with their incredible size and shape, no less variety of colors and shapes of the lenses.


The name of this trendy in this season model of sunglasses speaks for itself — it’s a big size of frames and lenses. The most popular shapes of oversize sunglasses are round or square. These sunglasses hide a large part of the face making your features more exquisite and also cope wonderfully with the role of a stylish accessory.


This model of glasses does not lose its popularity for several fashionable seasons in a row, continuing to please with comfortable and elegant lenses reminiscent of a drop shape. Models in the classic variant are presented in the form of a metal frame with brown or black lenses, for the fans of bright images — with multi-colored lenses.


Bright and extravagant model of sunglasses with no less original name became a trend of spring-summer 2022 fashion season. Flat-topper differs from other models by the presence of additional frame’s part — brochure — in the upper part. Such glasses perfectly complement unusual bow in business or sports style.


Model of sunglasses reminding of butterfly wings or cat’s eye is one more actual and popular trend in 2022. Such glasses are ideal for retro style, romantic or business look. The most fashionable frames are unquestionably the versions with animalistic and floral prints.

Glasses in the form of a shield or a mask

The coronavirus pandemic influenced the world fashion as well. It led to a surge in popularity of an unusual large model of glasses, similar to a shield or a large transparent mask, as doctors. The original model will not be appropriate for all clothing styles and is suitable for fashionistas who are not afraid to be the center of attention.

Sports models

The issue of eye protection from the bright sun is particularly relevant, and sometimes vital, during active outdoor sports. That is why sports style sunglasses don’t lose their demand. The most comfortable and comfortable models of sunglasses are seen on professional athletes: cyclists, skiers, snowboarders, who are trendsetters.


Glamorous style sunglasses look impressive, original and will not leave anyone indifferent to the unusual design. In spring and summer 2022 glamorous sunglasses are decorated with rhinestones, pearls, beads, decorations from metal and plastic, and also with textile inserts, floral, animal and geometric prints.

Transparent frames

Glasses for protection from the bright spring and summer sun in a transparent frame are an elegant finding of designers, which is most harmonious in a business style of dress. High-quality materials such as quartz glass, neutral shades, stylish and beautiful shapes — all these are perfectly combined in glasses with transparent frames.

White frames

Sun glasses in white frames are the best summer option, which goes perfectly with almost all female summer looks. Combination of snow-white frame with brown or black glasses is topical this year, and such frames are especially good in large and medium size.

D-Frame glasses

This model was created with incredible ease — the author of this creative solution turned the English letter D and had the idea to create a new form of glasses. Today D-Frame glasses have undergone some successful design changes. Monochrome and contrast combinations of glasses and lenses are incredibly topical in 2022.

There are more than enough topical sunglasses models for spring-summer 2022. Every person who follows fashion trends, thanks to such diversity, will be able to easily choose a suitable sunglasses.

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