Modern men’s fashion, along with women’s, is also influenced by fashion trends and trends. Spring and summer collections of men’s clothing 2022 are characterized by bold and creative ideas, original design ideas and clothing models, amazing and stunning men’s images, which will be discussed below.

Fashion trends

Among the current fashion trends in spring-summer men’s fashion 2022 is the free cut of things, the return of jumpsuits made of denim and other natural fabrics, which were originally used as work uniforms, a fashion greeting from the 90s in the form of thigh-high pants.

The color palette of fashionable men’s clothing and shoes this season is more restrained and mild compared with the spring and summer of last year: pastel shades dominate, various tones of brown and green, bright red accents are welcome. The most popular styles of men’s clothing are sports style, safari and minimalism. It is also worth paying attention to the fashionable prints of this season: floral, chess, gradient.

Actual prints

Men’s prints are presented in very interesting interpretations. Unusual abstract prints are the most in demand among men. The classic check print in different variations continues to be in demand: large and small, in bold bright color combinations, or, conversely, in a moderate range of colors. For shirts and T-shirts the fine paisley patterns are ideal.

Does not lose its relevance and camouflage print, this year in new color combinations of red and pink, blue and blue, green and brown.

Outerwear In the trend of outer spring men’s clothing are elegant coats and jackets with original details, trendy bomber jackets, a variety of models of jackets of unusual cut. The stylish raincoats and excellent trench coats for men, bold leather jackets, natural suede and leather jackets, as well as comfortable jeans jackets and sweatshirts for warm spring and cold summer are in great demand this spring.


When choosing fashionable men’s pants, including jeans, be sure to take into account that in this spring-summer season are welcomed loose-fitting models of monochrome fabric, necessarily the presence of high-quality characteristics, in particular, durability and comfort. An indispensable part of any man’s closet are jeans, which in this season are represented by a variety of fashionable models: straight, wide, skinny stretch.

Shirts and T-shirts

The traditional version of the shirt remains unchanged, but acquires new fashionable colors in light yellow, turquoise and pistachio, muted red shades. An obligatory condition is a harmonious combination with other things in the men’s closet. Depending on the chosen style of menswear and pick up a shirt.

A linen shirt in a large check is ideal for casual wear style, cashmere turtlenecks and thin wool sweaters with a triangular neckline are perfect for creating a modern men’s image. Vests and jackets in the spring-summer of 2022 are especially relevant not too bulky vests or jackets with one row of buttons. It is better to make a choice in favor of non-standard fabrics and materials: not rough denim, wool or half-woolen models in check, tweed, semi-synthetic fabrics. Vests and jackets of unusual colors and saturated shades are welcome. Vests sewed of one kind of fabric are trendy; classic vests with a satin back shelf are anti-trendy.

Summer closet

The men’s spring-summer closet is characterized by new-fangled features. For example, the choice of products from natural materials and fabrics is mandatory in order to make men’s clothes comfortable and breathable, which is especially important in the warm spring and summer period.

Summer pants can be chosen of any cut, loose, wide, narrowed, tight and shortened. Shorts are better to choose from a practical and versatile denim. Not only shorts, but many other models of denim clothes at the peak of popularity. Spring men’s shoes

Fashionable spring models of men’s shoes are recognized as stylish and comfortable loafers and chelsea, oxfords and deserts, army and trekking boots, demi-season boots. Actual colors of spring shoes for men are black, blue, brown, sandy, khaki and white. As for stylistic solutions, this season you can also combine sports models of shoes with non-sports pants.

Summer men’s shoes

In the hot summer time can not do without lightweight and open shoes. The most popular models of summer shoes for men are sandals and espadrilles, presented in a wide and diverse range. No less relevant are sports shoes with bright details, made of high quality, natural and breathable materials. Accessories for men Men Accessories in 2022 are conventionally divided into traditional and unpredictable new.

Among the unusual men’s novelties of pearl jewelry, such as bracelets or pearl strands, rings with large decorative stones or small rhinestones, fashionable water bottles, sometimes even expensive branded ones.

Among the traditional accessories we should pay attention to the classic ties in unexpected combinations with informal and unofficial styles of clothing, watches with a rectangular dial, bandanas, knitted men’s panama pants, voluminous bag-bag, sunglasses in retro-frames, colorful cowboy belts, a variety of colored socks, sometimes in the brightest and most acidic shades with no less fun prints.

Summing up the excursion into the world of fashionable men’s clothing of the season spring-summer 2022, the following conclusions can be made: in order to stay in the trend it is necessary to pay special attention to color solutions, unusual top prints, interesting and unusual details of clothing.

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