Spring is a special time of the year, good mood, inspiration, love and beauty are literally in the air. Exactly in spring we all want changes, novelties, bright impressions. One of the sources of positive emotions can be a beautiful, stylish, fashionable spring manicure 2022.

Natural spring manicure without a coating 2022

A new trend in spring nail art 2022 is the so-called «manicure without manicure». In this case the nails are not covered with nail polish, there is no design, but only a trim or hardware manicure with a full range of caring procedures for the nails and hands. Such a natural manicure is a harmonious continuation of fashionable eco-friendly and natural design trends in general.

Nude Spring Manicure 2022

As close as possible to natural flesh tones, nude manicure is especially relevant in spring 2022 in beige, light tones of pink and lilac, milky, cream. The most popular nude manicure designs in the spring of 2022: an elegant classic French style, minimalistic and stylish lunar design, decor with mirrored multicolored inlays and foil jewelry, gradient or ombré, floral and animalistic prints on a soft nude basis with a glossy or matte surface.

French manicure for spring 2022

The most relevant and popular shades of French manicure in spring 2022 are gorgeous emerald, blue, black, red, burgundy, lemon, yellow, canary, nude and beige, white and pastel pink tones. For any fashionable shade, any variant of coating is appropriate: glossy or matte. Spring 2022 french design trends are french with black and red edging, white lace pattern, moon french with a drawing of the smile zone and Luna, gradient design, oblique or asymmetrical, as well as multicolored French manicure, decoration with floral and plant prints, abstract and geometric motifs.

Red manicure spring 2022

Various beautiful shades of red are always in trend, each new season they maintain their steady leadership position. Spring 2022 is no exception. Combinations of red with other colors are especially popular this season: black, white, pastel pink, silver and gold. The top spring red manicure designs 2022: with rhinestones and foil decor, matte finish, as well as the combination in one design of different textures, contrast or smooth ombré using different shades of red and other colors, as well as cobwebs, mirror wax, geometry, abstraction, all kinds of prints and drawings in the design of red manicure.

White color spring manicure 2022

Pure and light white can also be safely attributed to a series of colors that do not go out of fashion, in particular in the field of nail art. White perfectly combines with many colors and shades, and is a fertile basis for various nail designs. White, when mixed correctly with a varnish of another color, gives the most delicate exquisite shades. Trends in the design of white manicure in the spring of this year are the following decorations and techniques: matte nail art, spectacular airbrush, stickers, drawings, prints, different types of foil, incredible colors of mirror wax, glitter, rhinestones, beads.

Black Spring Manicure 2022

The absolute trend this spring is the elegant and mysterious manicure in black. Black is becoming more and more popular every year, it goes well with many, if not all colors. There are several trendy options for black manicure in the spring of 2022: matte finish with a decor of gold colored foil, transparent lunar, decoration of one or more nails with black rhinestones with decorative stones, minimalistic black gloss, black marble design, shiny mirror wax of various shades, openwork and lace patterns with white gel paint, as well as gold decorations on a black base, animalistic prints (leopard, zebra, snake).

Blue and blue manicure colors for spring 2022

The gorgeous and mega-fashionable shades of blue and blue this spring are topaz, cornflower, indigo, soft blue, bright blue, blue-blue, sapphire and azure. These unsurpassed shades with beautiful names are especially effective in such fashionable nail-designs as blue French manicure, shiny accents (rhinestones, sequins, foil, kamifubuki), beautiful plant and animalistic prints, newfangled techniques «liquid metal», «mercury drops», «unicorn tear», «quail egg» and also well known and loved us marbled and matte design, gradient.

Exquisite green color in the manicure of spring 2022

The absolute color trend this year in different fashion spheres is the amazing pistachio. No less attractive and popular are such shades of polish as mint, khaki, muted green, gray-green, marsh green. The most successful in green are designs with spring floral prints and small plant patterns, minimalist abstract or geometric shapes and lines.

Gold and silver in spring manicure 2022

The top 5 gold or silver manicure jewelry for spring this year consists of the following types of shiny decor: glitter or dry glitter, rhinestones and decorative stones, shining kamifubukov, mirror wax, chic foil.

Multicolored Spring Manicure Designs 2022

Covering each nail or several nail plates with a different varnish is not a new method of design that many people like. It becomes fashionable when the nail polish combinations are chosen from a palette of trendy nail polish shades.

Therefore choose the most fashionable and beautiful manicure colors for spring 2022 and harmoniously combine them on your well-groomed hands! The choice of trendy manicure colors for spring 2022 is presented in more than sufficient quantity. So we choose the shade to our liking and create unique masterpieces of modern nail art.!

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