In modern hairdressing, there is a fashion for a huge number of types of lush hairstyles for short hair, most of which are haircuts. It is very beautiful, there are many different hairstyles, and they selected individually, taking into account external data, age, profession, fashion trends and personal preferences. This article presents the 10 most popular hairstyles to date.

Men’s military haircut

This hairstyle has another name — «army haircut». These are the most practical, unpretentious and versatile hairstyles. Already by name it is clear who exactly is interested in this topic, they are in great demand among the military.

  • This is done quite simply:
  • Тhe temporal and occipital zones are skipped with a short nozzle
  • The remaining zones are skipped with a medium or medium-short nozzle.

Ideal for men of any age and profession, not only military, the hairstyle is versatile and easy to care for.

Men’s short haircut «crop»

Stylish and fashionable shortened haircut today has several types: smooth, torn, mixed. However, there are several nuances in the technique of such execution. Its distinctive features:

  • Medium-length hair is left only in the upper part of the head
  • Short bangs that are combed forward, in
  • The temporal and occipital zones are cut short or shaved by a hair clipper.

The haircut is creative, non-standard, and popular among young men and teenagers.

Short men’s hairstyle Caesar

Already by the name, it is clear that the history of such a haircut is closely connected with the historical figure of the commander Julius Caesar. He becomes a model to perform this male hairstyle. Characteristic features of the Caesar haircut: smooth and straight bangs of minimal length, the haircut is performed strictly in compliance with straight horizontal lines and clear sharp angles. The temples, the back of the head and the top of the head are trimmed with a typewriter, choosing a short nozzle. Pay attention to the bangs along strictly geometric lines.

Men’s hairstyle hedgehog

Haircut for brave and courageous men, ideal for hard and thick hair. When performing a haircut with a hedgehog, it is necessary to cut the hair short in the occipital, temporal zone and behind the ears. The hair on the top of the head is cut to four inches, no more.

Hairstyle «hedgehog» will perfectly complement any male image.

Men’s haircut tennis

The name of the haircut comes from sports, so Olympic tennis players cut their hair so that the hair does not interfere during training or matches. Therefore, hairdressers trim the temporal and occipital part of the head, the rest of the strands are of medium length and have an average length. There are several popular options for this hairstyle:

  • It happens without thinning
  • Sporty with thinned tips
  • Transitioning from military to British style
  • Asymmetrical creative grunge
  • Romantic British with bangs.

Men’s haircut box and half-box

Classic versions of men’s short haircuts have not lost popularity for many years. Such a haircut is performed using a hair clipper, with a certain nozzle for three to four centimeters of the entire surface of hair growth. However, in the temple area, you need to use a minimal nose. If you choose a haircut, the half-box is the temporal and occipital area for the typewriter, and the crown remains four to eight centimeters long.

Curtains for men’s hairstyles

Haircuts for men came from the nineteenth century. The longest hair remains in the parietal zone, the rest are trimmed with some smooth transitions from one length line to another, with clear borders with even shaved temples. A distinctive feature is the presence of a parting and loose strands on both sides of the face.

Short men’s haircut of Elvis

The Elvis haircut, or playground, appeared and became famous during the time of the musician Elvis Presley in the seventies of the twentieth century. Since today, this rather stylish hairstyle, like others, is at the peak of popularity, is common among young people. The main feature of this haircut is shaved temples and voluminous occipital and parietal zones. The site presents various options for styling the volumetric part of the hairstyle: back, side, wave and roller.

Men’s Short Canadian Hairstyle

A popular haircut that got its name in honor of Canadian hockey players in the seventies of the twentieth century. About a magnificent men’s hairstyle with ample opportunities for various styling that have no restrictions. There are two main versions of the Canadian: classic and sports. Characteristic features: shaved temples and the back of the head smoothly turn into a longer upper part of the head. Creative styling options create unique fashion looks.

British men’s haircut

The British appeared in the fifties of the last century in the English youth subculture called Teddy boy. The temporal and occipital zones, trimmed with scissors to a short length, smoothly turn into an elongated crown and bangs. The British woman is as popular today as she was many years ago. Among the fans of this hairstyle are the most famous and successful men in the world. There are several popular variations of this spectacular men’s hairstyle:

  • Classic without thinning,
  • Sporty with thinned hair tips,
  • Transitioning from British style to military, asymmetrical


The main condition of any beautiful, fashionable hairstyle for a man or woman is clean, well-groomed and healthy hair. Further, in order to achieve a high quality, beautiful result that meets your expectations, you should contact an experienced and highly professional specialist in hairdressing. In the joint creative process, from a huge variety of men’s hairstyles, you will definitely pick up a fashionable, stylish hairstyle that will suit you perfectly

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