Look stylish and presentable in any situation has long been considered the duty of every self-respecting man. And the common perception that men are not interested in fashion, alas, is wrong. Modern and tastefully chosen clothes can tell a lot about its owner before he says a word.

After all, however you look, you are greeted «by the clothes», and unkempt or ridiculous appearance can not only spoil the impression, but also repel the interlocutor. In our article we have collected the most current trends in men’s fashion for the season Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 which will become indispensable components of fashionable images. Let’s see what innovations top stylists offer men to use in their outfits.

Men’s fall-winter fashion — key trends 2021-2022


The most important and popular trend in men’s fashion for autumn-winter period is layering. Now you can boldly combine several things at the same time, for example, a shirt, sweater and bomber or combine a strict jacket with a coat. The main thing is that all components should complement each other in style and color.

Also it should be noted the original styles in the style of the 40’s, which successfully approved itself during the fashion shows, and a bit unconventional stylistic direction with the no less unusual name «gorpcore», harmoniously combining classics and casual details of the male closet.

There are still relevant strict suits, warm sweaters with different patterns, denim pants and all kinds of jackets. As for style, the ideal bow will be able to choose for yourself and fans of classic models of clothing, and vigorous fans of sports-chic, and brutal handsome.

Trendy men’s shirts


The main feature of trendy men’s shirts for autumn-winter 2021-2022 is a stand-up collar. And the most fashionable in this season are considered monochrome models, shirts with coloring fabric in a gradient technique and products in check, which, as we know, although subjected to various interpretations, never goes out of fashion.

When choosing a color scheme of trendy shirts it is preferable to give preference to gray, beige, dark brown, green and other calm shades. Although the presence of red, black or white is not excluded at all. It is also worth to pay attention to the updated collection of denim shirts.

Stylish jeans for autumn and winter

Imagine a man’s closet without a pair or three denim pants, it’s like saying that a woman can perfectly do without a dress. Therefore, designers also tried to update such a popular detail of men’s image with the latest trends and fashion trends. In the trend are all kinds of products made of thick denim with characteristic scuffs and holes.

It’s all the same slight carelessness, but in combination with a free cut. Also in the list of novelties are denim pants with pant length 7/8 and lengthened products with very high lapels.

As for the color of the pants, lovers of standard solutions can give preference to the classic blue or blue jeans. If you decide to radically change your image, give preference to white, beige or checkered products.

Business suits

The very fact that a man regularly wears a suit already speaks about his good taste and position in society. Therefore, this ensemble can be called an indispensable detail to create a business image.

Trendy men’s suit autumn-winter 2021-2022 was presented on the podium not only in a classic version. This season, bright shades and plaid are acceptable for the suit fabric, which can have different sizes and colors.

Men’s Sweater 2021-2022

With the onset of cold weather, all kinds of sweaters become an integral part of men’s outfit, as this type of clothing allows its owner to look stylish and keep warm at the same time.

Popular styles of sweaters in this season are products with a rounded collar. And also models with a V-shaped or high collar, as a type of turtleneck. This may be monochrome products with a large knitting or, conversely, sweaters with colorful patterns and decorations.

Fashionable jackets and coats

As for the new outerwear for the autumn-winter period, in the priority are all kinds of leather and suede jackets in black, brown or gray colors in a classical style, the type of bomper or leather jacket, which may be further decorated with fur trim.

And also very popular are the famous parka jackets in blue, gray or beige, and the bulky down jackets, which keep you warm in any weather. It is also worth noting the increased interest of designers to men’s coats with the original checkered print and high collar.

For those who like protrat-chic style jackets from denim with a fur lining, large patch pockets and a hood will be an indispensable detail of the image.

How to choose shoes

Despite the fact that a tastefully chosen clothing on a man always looks attractive, the first thing that draws attention of most of the women — the shoes.

Namely its quality and condition. Therefore, to emphasize its status, we suggest to pay attention to the products of quality materials, such as leather or suede.

This season’s list of trends includes high boots with laces or buckles and neat Chelsea boots, deserts and loafers, as well as moccasins, slip-ons and sneakers with high and solid soles. It remains only to determine the overall style and choose the most suitable offer!

Men’s fashion in the style of the 40’s

During the 40’s Paris lost its status as a fashion capital for a time, as most men wore military uniforms and lost all interest in another type of clothing. But after the war ended, there was total freedom for designers.

Wide trousers, double-breasted jackets, hats, long coats, lapels, cuffs on pants, all kinds of vests and bright colors — all this was realized in the collections of men’s clothing. Some of the newfangled «chips» of the period are still popular today.

Men’s clothing in the style of «hunchback»

The main components of the male image in this style are free pants, sports jackets, comfortable shoes, high socks, backpack or belted bag, the combination of which provides the owner the freedom of movement and a sense of comfort.

As an option you can throw on the shoulders a classic jacket or coat, or complement the image with a voluminous down jacket. And if you go to a business meeting to sign an important deal in such a peculiar outfit is not worth it, but for a trip to the countryside or just for a walk it is a perfect choice! In diversity and versatility men’s fashion is not inferior to women’s.

There are also their own rules and recommendations when it comes to creating a stylish image. Follow our further publications and always stay on-trend!

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