Style «Tiffany» in the design of nails — a sign of good taste of the owner of such a manicure. «Tiffany» is associated with the unsurpassed American film actress and model, style icon Audrey Hepburn, one of the most famous film works of which was the film «Breakfast at Tiffany’s», released in 1961. The incredibly beautiful and luxurious shade is the official symbol of the world famous jewelry brand Tiffany & Co.

Manicure ideas in the style of Tiffany

The classic version of the ideal manicure in the style of Tiffany is a single-color glossy coating of the most beautiful turquoise color, skillfully applied to neat, well-groomed, the same length and shape, natural nails. To date, there are a huge number of interesting manicure designs using this most delicate and stylish color.

Manicure of Tiffany color on short nails

For short nails of the selected shape — almond or square — the manicure of turquoise-mint color in a monochrome version will suit perfectly, possibly with elements of nail-decor: gold or silver gilding, foil of various metallic tones, small shining rhinestones or beads; liquid or dry glitter, shiny wax powder. Incredibly luxurious and gorgeous is the white and turquoise gradient or ombré for small nail lengths. It is possible to use white and black fine patterns or ornaments that visually lengthen and elongate short nails.

Tiffany color manicure on long nails

Long nails with the use of Tiffany color in the design give us a more voluminous platform for nail art. It is on a sufficient length of nails unrivaled turquoise color can be perfectly placed large, spectacular and exquisite elements of nail-decor: sparkling rhinestones, shining beads, witty or wise inscriptions, beautiful drawings and fashionable stickers, brilliant Confetti, multicolored palettes. Very beautiful look such popular decors as white lace on turquoise and 3-D images.

French in Tiffany color

Incredibly stylish, delicate and refined looks French with a Tiffany-colored painted smile. An interesting and very beautiful embodiment of different shades of Tiffany turquoise can be seen in the design of the French with the use of a lighter shade of Tiffany as the main color, and in the color for the smile of the French — a darker shade. The chosen color is perfectly and harmoniously combined with the universal white and black colors. Therefore, strict and original is the main color of the french in the Tiffany style, and the smile is black. And smart and gentle is the base color of turquoise, and the smile is white.

Matte Tiffany manicure

A matte Tiffany style manicure is unrivaled luxury and extraordinary beauty. The matte finish itself gives a special charm to any color. Also to complete a complete matte design in this color, you can and should use matte decor elements: white non-shiny lace, multicolored acrylic powder, various techniques for applying a matte design.

Gradient in the Tiffany style

Smooth transition of the most beautiful shades of turquoise in the chosen style of manicure simply fascinates with its inexpressible beauty, also well this design and with the use of white nail polish. Since gradient or ombré is always a new and unique solution, you can safely experiment with the choice of color combinations.

Turquoise is perfectly and harmoniously combined with various shades of juicy pink, rich red, bright orange, sunny yellow, multifaceted green, refined brown, elegant gray, natural beige. A gradient with a stretch of gold, silver or pearly liquid sequins deserves special attention.

Today, this is one of the most in-demand designs. All these combinations in different tones can be tried for new spectacular manicure designs made in the most popular gradient or ombré technique.

Quail egg using Tiffany color

One of the most popular and trendy designs this year is the quail egg. Undoubtedly, this design looks spectacular on nails covered with matte or glossy turquoise from Tiffany. Performed with a special nail device called dots in the form of small black dots-stains, like on quail eggs.

Marble design in Tiffany color

A truly royal luxury design that resembles a gemstone. This rather simple to execute but very spectacular design breaks all records for the frequency with which this idea is used. You can use a combination of white, black and turquoise to create a marble effect on one or more nails, and cover the rest with your favorite Tiffany color tone.

Manicure Tiffany with a bow

This is a kind of calling card of the style. The bow is a special characteristic element of Tiffany. Therefore, a great choice in this style is nails covered with turquoise nail polish with a delicate white bow on one nail and with white polka dots on the other. Distinguished by the jewelry execution of ready-made bows and lace on a self-adhesive basis, which can be purchased at any store with products for nail design.

Tiffany color manicure with silver

Almost a classic combination of a beautiful shade and the noble glow of silver. The main coating color is turquoise, and you can decorate with silver design elements completely separate nails or add silver accents on all the fingers, including silver glitter powder. Any variation of Tiffany color and silver nail design is a win-win and elegant version of a Tiffany style manicure.

The magnificent and world famous Tiffany style, as well as everything connected with it, is a unique, harmonious and cult phenomenon in the art of creating unique women’s images, the obligatory part and the final stage of creation of which, of course, is the corresponding, always special, unsurpassed, magnificent manicure design.

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