Whatever style in the interior design of the living room you do not give preference, it will be incomplete, without properly selected curtains. Therefore, textile curtains are an essential attribute of any house. The blinds for the living room deserve a special attention, because in this room we usually spend a lot of time with family and friends, so they should provide a soft and comfortable atmosphere in the room. The choice of curtains depending on the style of the room.

Very often, going to buy curtains, people are lost from their variety. In the store it is very difficult to navigate, as many options seem to be perfect. In this case, experts recommend proceeding from the style of the living room. Curtains in a modern style

Complement the laconism of the modern living room will help curtains of neutral shades of medium length. Topical in this case will be the color block curtains. When choosing tulle, preference should be given to flowing, translucent materials without fringes or lace. Those who prefer minimalist solutions can be advised to use Japanese panels. Thanks to the absence of drapery, they have a compact and neat appearance.

Timeless classic

The living room in the classic style looks luxuriously elegant. Dense curtains made of jacquard, velvet, satin or brocade will help to emphasize its merits. Monochrome vertical walls can be decorated with woven patterns of silver or gold color. And if for finishing walls used silkscreen or embossed prints, the curtains can be chosen in the color of the pattern on the wallpaper or with a single-colored glossy texture. Provençal style curtains

This style is characterized by romantic motifs. Therefore, French blinds, openwork curtains or shaped lambscreens, which can be decorated with bows, ribbons and other decorations, are suitable for such a room. Curtains should be made of natural matte fabrics, in pastel colors. If a floral ornament is used, it should be unobtrusive and combined with the furniture upholstery or a pattern on the wallpaper. Country style This design is also called rustic, as it is as close to nature as possible. In such a room, floral ornaments, ethnic motifs, Scottish plaid, etc. are appropriate. Country-style is characterized by coarse fabrics (thick cotton and linen, sailcloth, burlap, jute, etc.).

Curtains can be decorated with ruffles, lace or knitted elements. Living room in chalet style Style allows you to recreate the atmosphere characteristic of a hunting lodge. The highlight here is the fireplace. A lot of stone and wood is used in decoration, and the decor is stylized weapons, deer antlers or animal skins. In such an environment will be appropriate curtains made of velour in beige, dark gray or brown tones. Design of curtains for the living room

As soon as people began to build themselves houses with large windows, they had the need to protect the room from sunlight and prying eyes. For the first cases used translucent fabrics, for the latter — portieres of dense material. It is tulle and sliding curtains even today remain the most popular type of window decoration.

In addition, on the market today you can find a large number of other types of curtains that are suitable for living rooms.

Roman blinds

These curtains are fabric blinds in which the stripes are arranged vertically and fixed by horizontal bars. Thanks to this design, the curtain can be raised by gently folding it in an accordion shape. French blinds The distinctive feature of this type of blinds is the cascade of wavy ruffles along the entire length of the product, which are made of light, flowing fabric. Due to the fact that they look luxurious and elegant, they are often used to create solemn surroundings. This option can be called ideal for the classic design of the living room.

Austrian blinds

Such curtains are a single piece of fabric, in which vertical inserts are sewn at the same distance. When pulling the cord, they form semicircular festoons at the bottom. Make Austrian curtains from different fabrics, depending on the interior. It may be lightweight tulle or chintz, or heavy velvet.

English blinds

Externally, they are similar to the Austrian curtains. The difference between them is that English curtains use only two ribbons attached to the sides at a distance of about 10-15 cm from the edge. After lifting, an arc appears in the middle and small «tails» at the edges.

Japanese curtains

They are a stretched fabric attached to a rigid frame, which repeats the design of the window opening. Instead of a curtain rod, special «rails» are used here, and the panel itself moves on the principle of a compartment door. Modern roller blinds One of the innovations in the modern curtain market are roller blinds. This is a piece of fabric wound on a shaft. They often become the choice of those who prefer brevity and non-standard solutions in design.

Roller blinds can be combined with other types of curtains. Quilting for the living room Threaded curtains are plastic, have an attractive appearance and lend themselves to draping. They can be used on their own or combined with other curtains. Designer tips on choosing curtains for the living room Choosing curtains, designers recommend adhering to simple rules: The model of curtains can be absolutely any. The most important thing is that they should fit harmoniously into the interior of the house.


Nowadays it is relevant to combine several varieties of curtains: roller blinds with curtains, blinds with tulle and other options. Curtains should not merge with the wall. Therefore, if the living room is pasted solid-colored wallpaper, the curtains can have a pattern or be solid-colored, but darker. Under the bright wallpaper are chosen exclusively monochrome curtains. A piece of wallpaper, brought with you, will help guide you when buying.

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