Currently, a new style — hi-tech — has replaced the Euro-renovation. High-tech, embodied in the interior — this is how you can explain this Western name. The article will consider the main options and aspects of this style and its interpretation in the repair of the apartment or house.

History of the style The first traces of the style appeared in American architecture. In the 70’s of the XX century simultaneously with the popular science fiction and comic books the world learned about high technology. Their fans quickly found an unusual approach to the renovation of the premises and the original forms. In the architecture of the French Pompidou, Europeans discerned an example of high-tech.

The design of this building in the seventies was a revolution. For interior decoration hi-tech trend began to be used in the 80s. And every year the style only gained momentum in its popularity.

The principles of high-tech

Like any other direction, high-tech has its own individual principles: The interior of hi-tech is dominated by bright colors. Numerous built-in light panels and fixtures are installed in the room. Unusual designs and modern partitions replace the usual doors. In the interior there are raw bare walls made of brick, similar to the loft style. The furniture has strict lines and outlined forms. There is minimalism in the design. Household appliances, unnecessary items are hidden. When finishing the room, only artificial materials are used — plastic, glass, metal, etc. A cool range of colors is created by combining them.

Finishes and materials for high-tech

In structures and fittings that need to be strengthened, metal parts are used. In the doors of cabinets, in countertops, in interior doors you can see glass. The materials that are used in the high-tech style are very unusual. With the help of different textures and shapes is a dilution of the neutrality of tones. Very original and unusual looks instead of painted walls textured panels of plastic, glossy flooded floor. Apartment in the style of hi-tech The main requirement of hi-tech is considered high-tech.

Therefore, to create an interior in the apartment in this style, it is necessary to choose modern equipment. And this in turn requires a lot of money. During the organization of repairs in the apartment it is necessary to remove «garish» elements of the decor and unnecessary things.

They should be replaced by laconic paintings and black and white photographs. In technics and finishing materials it is possible to see the high quality of high-tech. In everything else there should be a feeling of unobtrusiveness and lightness. The ceilings in the room are decorated with glossy stretch structures. It is desirable to use plastic furniture. Textiles should be the same color scheme and the correct geometric shape.

Taboo in the interior of high-tech

According to experts — you should not use textures with a natural base in the interior. Warm shades will also be inappropriate here. Suede sofa and wooden furniture should not be bought. Also, it is not necessary to look at bulky and large-sized objects and classic details. High-tech welcomes multifunctional solutions — hiding bookshelves, transformer beds, folding tables, etc.

Draping the walls with wallpaper, and especially focusing on them is not allowed. There should not be in the interior small accessories, souvenirs that collect dust High-tech bedroom A place to relax and rest should be concise, comfortable, functional. The bedroom should have everything at hand.

Everything unnecessary is eliminated

If the principles of high-tech in the bedroom is welcomed bed with automatic adjustment of the headboard, and lighting — with adjustable brightness. Things should be stored in a closet that is hidden behind a partition in the wall. Of furniture, a pair of bedside tables is allowed. There is a TV set in the wall.

The coverage on the floor should be chosen unobtrusive and dense. In the bedroom, the color scheme is chosen unobtrusive and light. The shadowing color on the walls may be purple, blue, light gray. The windows are closed with thick curtains with an automatic system.

The model of the bed is chosen without legs with bottom lighting. Bathroom and kitchen in the style of high-tech This direction in the interior provides for the presence of modern appliances. The presence of a large number of mirrors and glass in the kitchen is the basis of decor of this direction.

This beauty is combined with practicality and durability. The rule is one — minimalism and spaciousness. The floor is better to finish with unconventional tiles or tile. The room is decorated with modules made of tempered glass, metal and plastic. In the bathroom you can put a transparent cabin with glossy lining and chrome coatings. It is best to combine the colors blue, white, black and their tones.

There should be neon lighting everywhere — showers, mirrors, work area. Chairs made of plastic or transparent polymer look very harmonious in the kitchen.

Living room hi-tech

In the living room, the space must be zoned competently. There should be a soft corner or armchairs around a laconic sofa. The designer table with glass and metal details will come in handy. On the floor — a carpet, on the wall is a wide-screen TV.

On the background of the matte wall will look good filled with glossy floor. Create a creative and futuristic image with pendant cabinets and intricate lamps. Lovers of movies and quality music can install an audio system in the living room. A bar counter will create a parallel between the cooking area and the living room.

The latest technology in country home furnishings An innovative country home is beautified not only internally, but also externally. Affluent housing is characterized by a green lawn, laconic garden, swimming pool, the presence of terraces and wide swinging windows. Externally the building is made in the form of a cube, futuristic elements adorn it.

In the style of high-tech on a small plot of land is perfectly embodied smart home technology. It is important for a city dweller to be at one with nature and comfortable living conditions. Garden shrubs and indoor plants will dilute the environment.

Hallway in the style of high-tech The standard picture of the usual apartment — the hallway is cluttered with furniture. This is a typical mistake. The interior of the hallway should be as convenient as possible and thought out to the smallest detail.

The place for storing shoes and outerwear should be camouflaged, thereby opening up space for passage. Decorations that catch the eye should be removed, and the lighting should be sufficient. When the corridor is narrow, do not narrow the corridor with the installation of partitions. It is better to connect it with the guest room. The appearance of the hallway should be in harmony with the other rooms. High-tech style in the interior in photos.

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