Furniture for the kitchen: the best ideas for stylish design

The question of choosing furniture for the kitchen once becomes relevant and paramount for each of us. Choosing high-quality, functional and comfortable furniture is a responsible and painstaking task. So first let’s study the theory of the furniture question: what kinds exist and how to choose the right furnishings for your kitchen.

Furniture for a small kitchen

In today’s arsenal of furniture production, there are many advantageous and ergonomic proposals for a small area kitchen. First of all, these are furniture transformers: folding tables, various retractable and folding additional surfaces, upholstered kitchen nooks with storage systems under the seat.

Great for a small kitchen, built-in furniture and appliances. This option saves kitchen space, allows you to make the kitchen as functional as possible, looks neat, orderly and stylish.

Also rationally use the area of the kitchen will help corner furniture structures: a corner sink has a large working surface, and the kitchen corner cabinet is very roomy.

Furniture in a large kitchen

The vast space of the kitchen allows not only to buy the desired furniture of any size, equipped with all necessary appliances, but also to choose for the kitchen design any style of interior that you like. One of the most popular styles — classic — can be recognized by natural materials and warm shades in the kitchen interior, as well as by ceramic, bronze and copper elements or decorative items, real wooden furniture.

Kitchen furniture in the modern style is suitable for those who prefer asymmetry, monochrome color solutions. Loft style furniture for the kitchen will please with metal details and beautiful rich shades of deep gray. Organic rustic country style is a great idea for the kitchen. For country style, choose simple and unpretentious natural furniture, the elements of which are artificially aged. If you like restrained and austere furniture for the kitchen in white or light shades, then your choice is the Scandinavian style.

Corner kitchen furniture

Corner kitchen furniture is a practical and stylish option that has several basic types. Kitchen furniture set in the form of a letter «G»: ideal for small kitchens, on the larger side traditionally have work surfaces, including gas or electric stoves, in the corner — the sink, on the smaller side — end table sideboard.

Furniture for the kitchen in the form of the letter «U»: suitable only for sufficiently spacious rooms, symmetrical and functional configuration.

The third type of kitchen furniture is a circular kitchen, which is not suitable for all rooms, has a great and unusual appearance, functional and roomy.

Regardless of the type you choose, it is best to order furniture according to an individual project, suitable for your kitchen. At the design stage, you will be able to choose the necessary items and elements, as well as to determine the positions for placement by yourself.

Tables for the kitchen

When choosing a dining table for the kitchen, it is important to consider the main criteria: the area of the room, the configuration of the furniture set, compliance with the chosen interior style, material, color solution, the number of family members. For a small kitchen fit compact models or transformers. For a kitchen of sufficient size, you can buy a larger table.

In terms of shape, kitchen tables come in round, square, triangular, oval, rectangular and unusual polygonal. Popular, high-quality and beautiful modern materials for making tables are natural wood, as well as durable artificial counterparts, spectacular glass, versatile plastic, natural or decorative stone.

The color solution will depend on the chosen interior style, compatibility with the rest of the furniture, the level of natural light and the size of the kitchen.

Kitchen chairs

The assortment of kitchen chairs in today’s furniture market is very large and distinguished by a variety of models. First of all, there are several basic types: traditional dining chair, kitchen stool, chair-chair, bar stool. There are several basic requirements for the quality of kitchen chairs — it is durability, safety, practicality, convenience, beautiful appearance.

In addition to traditional classic models, there is a huge number of interesting and unusual varieties. For example, eco-friendly natural rattan chairs are very popular.

You can choose the original lightweight plastic models, which are easy to use and care for. A refined and chic choice — chairs-chairs with fabric, velvet upholstery in matching the style of the kitchen color.

Do not lose relevance numerous wooden models in natural color or painted in different colors.

Furniture wall for the kitchen

Kitchen furniture — it is not only a set of cabinets, open and closed shelves, combined into one working area. Beautiful and self-sufficient pieces of furniture are refined classic and newfangled cupboards and sideboards with open and closed, and combined cabinets. These kitchen furniture walls are used to store holiday crockery, food supplies, serving items.

Cupboard or sideboard can be complemented by kitchen floor or hanging pencil cases: narrow and tall closed cabinets for kitchen utensils. It is important to note that all these pieces of furniture perfectly cope with the stylistic functions and become bright and distinctive elements of the interior.

With the help of quality and modern finishes, design recommendations and techniques, the embodiment of the chosen interior style you will find not just a modern kitchen, but create a unique, special, soulful and comfortable atmosphere. And high-quality and stylish kitchen furniture will be the basis of this magnificent kitchen project.

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