Furniture for the bathroom: tips and recommendations for arrangement

Even the best interior does not look good when it is cluttered. Therefore, when planning the bath room, you should organize a place for cosmetics, towels and other household items. The choice of bathroom furniture depends on the available space and interior style. Currently available solutions offer a very wide range of options, from classic bathroom furniture to futuristic glazed cabinets and shelves. It is important that they match the rest of the space with their style.

Bathroom furniture: principles of choice

If we have enough space, it is worth thinking about the typical bathroom furniture. Its appearance is suitable for both classic and modern interiors. Cabinets are finished with natural wood in light or dark colors, but you can pick up other variations. Consider the existing types of furniture for your bathroom.

The bathroom is one of those areas in the house that is arranged for several years to come. Good materials and workmanship also determine the specificity of this part of the apartment, where high humidity and frequent temperature changes are on the agenda. You should also take care of functionality and practical solutions. Manufacturers’ offer includes many interesting ideas that can be easily placed in both large and small spaces.

When choosing bathroom furniture, there are several very important factors to consider to create a room that meets needs and expectations: both functional and visual. The fashion for projects commissioned for individual clients from professional design offices has had a very good effect. New bathrooms are a reflection of your character and passion.

Suspended cabinets

Suspended cabinets are also a good solution, from the simplest «apothecary» type to designs with semi-circular clear or frosted doors. You can hang them in almost every bathroom, and the lack of traditional feet makes it easy to keep the floor clean. Pull-out cabinets, especially useful for storing towels or cleaning supplies. The slanted design can hold laundry waiting to be washed if the bathroom also has a washing machine. Instead of traditional cabinets, you can also use wicker baskets, wooden drawers or even color-matched cardboard boxes.

Cabinets with a built-in mirror

A bathroom that provides a sense of comfort as well as an aesthetic space, responsible for relaxation, requires creating the proper ambiance and arrangement of functional areas considering the type of fixtures, lighting and other equipment (such as furniture) suitable for the needs of the household.

Can you imagine a bathroom without a mirror? Probably not. It is a very important element of decor that everyone who uses the bathroom should have. In addition, the reflective surface can be used to successfully shape the space. The mirror can be an independent part of the bathroom or be a set with a cabinet over the sink.

The size and method of mounting the mirror depends on the size of the room. In small bathrooms, mirrors are found in a double purpose. It can be both a cabinet and a radiator equipped with a glass part. In larger spaces, the mirror can be a decoration that will have a very extensive and decorative frame.

To give the space a more modern style, use a large mirror or cabinets with reflective fronts. Use glass elements that will add a lot of light. When choosing a shower enclosure, decide on a minimalist glass door. For the bathroom to look beautiful, it should also be modern and adapted to the character of the space.

Bathroom Shelves

Not all bathroom accessories need to be stored in enclosed cabinets. Some everyday beauty products need to be in an easily accessible place. A shelf can be mounted in different places:

  • Built into the wall and lighted;
  • glass or wood under a mirror;
  • near or under a sink;
  • above the bathroom and in many other places in the room.

An interesting idea is an open sink shelf that is easy to keep clean. The shelf can also be a sink countertop, with plenty of room for all the accessories you need.

Remember, however, that the top must be made of water-resistant material and well sealed where it connects to the sink. The same rules apply to shelves next to the tub or in the shower stall. If you have a bathroom with a low wall that separates the toilet bowl, you can also use it as a shelf.

No matter what type of storage furniture you choose, remember that everything should have its place in the bathroom. In a room that is associated with cleanliness, there should be order.

Material for bathroom furniture

One of the most important issues when choosing bathroom furniture is the selection of materials that are resistant to clogging and temperature variations. You should pay attention to materials with appropriate impregnation or adapted for rooms with a certain humidity.

The material and method of finishing is the basis of durability and quality of furniture. The types of materials currently used in bathroom furniture are a very wide range of natural raw materials and those derived from technological production (glass, wood, wicker, metal, various plastics).

The use of moisture-resistant varieties is much more recommended for bathrooms with higher density and combinations based on melamine or isocyanine resins. In addition, this raw material has protection against fungi. Such material is then covered with a top layer that makes up the decor. This can be an imitation of wood, stone or varnish of any color.

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