As a rule, crossing the fifty-year mark, every woman begins to be more careful in choosing a closet and the composition of the image, in general. In this case, very often one category of ladies seeks to disguise their age with youthful outfits, and the other, on the contrary, dresses for «grandmothers», which is absolutely wrong in either one or the other example.

To maintain an attractive appearance in the season 2022 is not necessary to resort to any drastic measures. It is enough to choose outfits that will emphasize your figure and will match your status, especially if we are talking about clothes for spring and summer. About how to do this correctly and what the stylists advise in this regard, we will tell in the material below.

Tender palette

Despite the fact that in the list of fashion trends of the last seasons there are more and more often bright and prints clothing, concise, calm and neutral shades, such as white, milky or beige palette, are still in fashion. In addition, these color variations can noticeably refresh. Therefore, for women over 50 in the preparation of fashionable sets in the spring-summer season is recommended to complement their closet with instances of clothing designed in similar colors, which may be expressed not only in outfits for special occasions, but also in everyday things.

The combination of styles 50 years — this is not a reason to set yourself limitations when choosing a style direction in clothing. Undoubtedly, the classics remain a priority and should occupy a large part of the closet of ladies of this age category. But, according to fashion experts, a little experimentation in this matter will allow you to noticeably rejuvenate the image and turn off the «old lady». To begin with, combine a fashionable dress and comfortable sneakers. Then, you can try on more creative mixes, for example, jeans and high heels, a turtleneck with a «predatory» print and a quilted sleeveless jacket.

Comfort and comfort

The basis of any image for women over 50 in the spring and summer period are considered convenience and comfort, which should be manifested in every detail of the outfit, starting with underwear, ending with a pantsuit, a stylish dress, a set of pants and a sweater or a feminine coat. And the first rule, which should be adhered to — is to choose clothes in size, which will not compress, crumple into ugly folds and hinder the movement. The second important factor is to choose high quality materials and cuts that are acceptable for this age group.


One of the stylish components of the closet of ladies older this spring is both a simple and elegant coat with a stand-up collar, designed in calm colors, which can be wonderfully complemented by a nice hat, gloves or a brighter stole. No less popular are strict trench coats, unusually stylish combined with pants and scarves on the neck, belted raincoats with deep pockets and the original collar or leather jackets like a leather jacket or a classic jacket.

Cardigan, turtleneck sweater, sweater

A practical cardigan will be a wonderful addition to the image in a cool summer or warm spring evening. And it may be as a knitted product with long sleeves up to the middle of the ankles on the buttons, and a light model on the smell with three-quarter sleeve and decorative additions. Turtlenecks made of jersey or fine wool are acceptable to use to create layered looks. As for the trendy sweaters, here it is recommended to give preference to free cut models, which should be worn over pants or skirts.

T-shirts and sleeveless shirts

Using these items of clothing to create images, stylists are advised to give preference to models with a round neckline and made of dense, opaque materials. They can be used as a supplement to cardigans, jackets or jackets. Actual length is up to the middle of the thigh. Fashion style — straight or slightly flared to the bottom, to avoid the effect of «caterpillar».

Skirts and dresses

The range of modern dresses allows women to experiment freely. However, in our example we must avoid too frank and tight models with deep necklines or open shoulders, if in this area there are very pronounced age-related skin changes. The most successful variant would be trapeze dress styles, straight models with a neat side slits or products on the breath with a belt. As for the skirts, the trendy models are the universal pencil skirt and straight copies, as well as products in floor length of light fabrics.

Pants and jeans

This type of clothing has long been considered an integral part of the women’s closet and is perfectly combined with any top. It should be understood that slightly stepping over 50, you should give up models with low waist or skinny. In the priority are straight cut jeans or boyfriend jeans with creative lapels, loose pants palazzo of light fabrics, classic pants and cropped culottes. The selected products should not constrain the movement while walking and especially not to squeeze the abdomen in the waist area.

Fashionable shoes

The main rule when choosing women’s shoes is convenience and comfort. So do not hesitate to come to the shoe store in the afternoon, when your feet are a little tired or swollen. Trying on a pair, you will know exactly how comfortable it will be to wear it during the day.

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As for the fashionable models, the leading positions belong to the loafers and oxfords, the classic pumps, sneakers, moccasins, ballet shoes and sandals on a flat sole or a low and stable heel. Spring-summer images for women over 50 are both fashionable, comfortable, practical and original solutions! And correctly selected outfits are the key to the success of the attractiveness of a woman of any age.

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