Curtains for balcony and loggia: modern ideas and tips for choosing products

Balconies and loggias have long ceased to be a place to store necessary and unnecessary things, and modern types of interior design increasingly include the arrangement of such rooms on the type of living room, for example, a cozy bedroom, compact dining room, living room or office. In this case, it does not matter what exactly the role of the balcony or loggia.

In any case, you need curtains which can hide an extra room from prying eyes and significantly reduce the light coming in from the street. In addition, curtains can significantly change the appearance of the room to complete the intended image and create the most comfortable atmosphere.

Balcony and loggia furnishing — room features

Before proceeding to the choice of a suitable version of curtains for a balcony or loggia, we offer our readers first of all to understand the features of these rooms, because this often depends on the functional purpose of the room and the further planning of the interior. The balcony is a suspended structure — a reinforced concrete wall, which has a fence on three sides, which goes beyond the facade.

The loggia in this case is at the same level as the facade and is an integral part of the room with which it borders.

Balcony, as a rule, has a small area and provides owners with somewhat limited opportunities to create a particular design. As for the loggia, such a design is characterized by large size and can sometimes «envelope» the entire apartment. Therefore, having the desire and financial capacity, you can turn the loggia into a comfortable and functional room.

Types of curtains for balcony and loggia

Curtains for the balcony and loggia are presented today in a variety of interpretations, so it will not be difficult to choose the ideal option that can fully emphasize the overall concept of the interior. Tulle curtains are the most simple and common option. These curtains are attached to the curtain track or curtain rod and have many variations of execution.

Roman blinds are ideal for creating comfort on balconies or loggias of any size. When up, they form beautiful horizontal stripes, and when down, they lie close against the window and take up little space.

Rollup blinds, as they are called, differ in different degrees of light penetration, perfectly protect from sun rays and dramatically change the general style of the interior. In the daytime they are folded up compactly in a special box and do not obstruct sun rays and fresh air. Due to their compact size, roller blinds can be used in small rooms and combine the construction with airy tulle or long curtains.

No less original solution can be called vertical or horizontal blinds that can be made of plastic, bamboo, wooden panels or fabric. Such constructions do not develop in the wind, are easy enough to care for, have high resistance to ultraviolet light and different kinds of dirt.

Bamboo curtains are a kind of roller blinds and represent a whole cloth consisting of thin stems intertwined with each other by means of natural threads. Such blinds are an ecologically pure product, they are light-weight and have enough air permeability due to the porous material. Bamboo blinds are made in light and dark wooden colors, can be well combined with other kinds of textile, but have some limitations in the choice of size.

Austrian, French or English curtains are combined with a certain pomposity, which, unfortunately, is not suitable for a balcony or a loggia with a small area. Such curtains are characterized by curved pleats and festoons, which give the curtains a sophisticated and solemn look.

Raising of the fabric and regulation of length of curtains are performed with the help of special bands or cords located as a rule on the inner side. Such «palace» style will be perfect for supplementing the interior with classical details.

Threaded curtains are in fact thin gauze on the curtain track and have a ceiling fastener. Such curtains have excellent air permeability and at the same time perfectly hold back the sun rays.

Japanese curtains look calm, laconic and are tightly stretched fabrics with special guides, thanks to which protection from prying eyes and sunlight is provided exactly where it is necessary.

Beautiful curtains for balcony and loggia — choose the length

In order for your chosen curtains not only looked beautiful, but also fit the general stylistics of the interior of the balcony or loggia, you should be able to choose the correct length of the product.

In this case, designers divide such fixtures and textiles into several types. Short curtains will be the ideal solution for small rooms in terms of area. Such products quite successfully cope with their purpose — to close the windows and not visually reduce the space.

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