Corner sofa in the living room is a necessary household item of the room. With its help, you can easily solve the problem of zoning, it will complete the arrangement of the room, aesthetically complement the interior, provide additional sleeping space.

In the living room, a corner sofa is usually installed near the wall. It can be made individually, consist of two parts, which will be located separately or side by side.

There are versions of whole modules, which can be arranged in any order. Like typical sofas, the model under consideration has different designs, seat contents, upholstery. But the mechanisms that are used in transforming samples for reclining are not found in other models.

Currently, the whole variety of colors and textures, shapes, modifications of corner sofas is capable of striking the imagination.

Advantages of corner sofas

When using corner sofas in the living room automatically increases the number of seats. In addition, you can create an individual style of the room and unusual design. As a rule, the bulk of the inhabitants of our country are not happy owners of apartments with spacious rooms.

Therefore, using corner sofas, the configuration of which resembles the letters «C», «P», «G», you can accommodate a fairly large number of people, without resorting to the use of extra chairs or armchairs.

Options of corner sofas in the living room with a sleeping place can accommodate several people to sleep. Their uncomplicated and sturdy design when transformed facilitates the change of functional tasks and transformation of the form. It will be rational to place one large sofa in the living room, which will save free space and avoid cluttering the room with additional furniture.

The size of corner sofas

Your necessary version of a corner sofa can be found for any room. Any generally accepted parameters for their selection does not exist. They are differentiated into large and small. You just need to choose the right depth of seats or length of sofa blocks, as well as the appropriate height of the back.

Very beautiful and solid in the interior of the living room look corner sofas of large size. But they are suitable only for spacious rooms, in which a lot of people live and where the house is always full of relatives and guests.

The owners of urban apartments are particularly popular with the small size corner sofas. With their help, you can safely make the connection of the bedroom with the recreation area.

Small sizes of furniture fit perfectly into the capricious layout of the living room, which can not be said about the typical sofa-button. The interior seems richer even in the small apartment due to the corner sofa.

The sleeping place of a corner sofa

Reliable design sofa is a guarantee of a peaceful sleep. It provides a comfortable sleeping and perfectly flat surface, the best installation of all parts and easy transformation. There are the following mechanisms:

  1. Dolphin. This type is very common. By extending forward, a flat surface is formed. This design at first glance seems intricate, but it is very reliable and has excellent resistance to various influences. It is not afraid of frequent unfolding, and even children can easily cope with the transformation. The high price — a negative side of this model.
  2. Eurocabinet. Due to the uncomplicated mechanism, this option is very popular. The main advantages of the model — a comfortable and large place to sleep, a variety of colors and shapes, a low price range.
  3. Accordion. This mechanism is suitable for frequent use, has a strong design. It is used in different forms of sofas. In this model, a flat bed.
  4. Folding. Suitable only as a spare seat. Such a variant is unreliable and not highly durable, so it is recommended for rare use. The mechanism of the sofa is simple, and the cost is low.
  5. Puma. Ideal for constant use. The mechanism has proven itself as a stable and strong. When transforming, at the very end of the manipulation, the legs are extended. This feature of this system does not allow the moving part of the sofa to damage the floor covering. The sleeping area turns out smooth and comfortable.
  6. Without mechanism. Nowadays, a corner sofa, which has large dimensions, can be made without transforming elements. Such a model consists of several autonomous modules, each of which by itself can represent a place to sleep.

Original models of corner sofas

In the design of a certain piece of furniture, each manufacturer seeks to make its own individual, author’s ideas. Therefore, the market is now a huge variety of models of corner sofas and this variety is able to meet any needs. Here are some samples:

  1. Semicircle. This form can be used in small rooms for zoning. In addition, this form excludes injuries on the corners.
  2. Plus a chair. Corner sofas in the form of the letter «G» consist of one long block, which acts as the main location and one short one, which is a movable chair. Together they represent two sleeping areas. Now there are very current models, which are called «recliner». They are performed with a short unit in the form of a chair, which is equipped with a mechanism for relaxation.
  3. Transformer. Corner sofa, which is the center of the interior of the living room, consists of several autonomous частей. Он отвечает самым последним модным тенденциям и является многофункциональным предметом мебели. Здесь всегда можно оборудовать необходимое количество мест для ночевки или провести необходимую перестановку.
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