In a corner kitchen it is very convenient and practical to place sets. Their surfaces in this arrangement are on two or three sides. It is very comfortable, as due to the closer location of cabinets, surfaces and shelves, the speed of cooking increases. Such kitchens look aesthetic and interesting.

But they cost more than usual and take up more free space. Corner kitchen with breakfast bar Kitchens of this plan are usually made in U-shape, i.e., under the kitchen assigned two adjacent walls, and the bar forms or occupies a third. This solution is well used for studio apartments, where one or two people live.

The use of the bar as a dining table saves a lot of space in the apartment. Corner kitchen-living room The center of attention and decoration of the whole house can be a kitchen combined with the living room. It turns out a very spacious room.

Looks great in such kitchens furniture made of precious wood. Here you can put a large dining table, which will gather together a large company. And the hostess will be able to easily cook in such a kitchen, due to the proximity of kitchen surfaces.

Corner kitchen window

Windows in the kitchen are a problem, as they only reduce the variations of the arrangement of cabinets and cupboards. It is desirable to arrange the kitchen so that the window is to the left or right during cooking.

If you hang the window in the kitchen with cabinets, it will look terrible. It is also worth considering such an option as to put up the window opening at all. At the level of the window sill, you can add an additional surface, and the sill itself can be used for various kitchen appliances.

Sink for corner kitchen The sink in corner kitchens should be placed in the corner between two walls. Especially corner sinks are almost always larger than usual, which is convenient for large families. Nowadays, the choice of such sinks is very large.

The choice of color

After the choice of material and configuration, the next step in the design of the kitchen is the choice of color. The main rule is not to use more than 2 basic colors.

If a two-color set is chosen, in any case you will have to give preference to the dominant color. If the upper part of the kitchen is two-tone, then one or two tones should be darker than the lower part. Not bad if you play with the contrasts between the wall and the furniture. The pale walls can be compensated by a bright garniture and vice versa.

White kitchen The white color visually expands the space. If a small kitchen is done in white — it will look solid. Black, grayscale and metallic are well combined with this color. A serious disadvantage of a snow-white kitchen is that it gets dirty quickly. It is necessary to clean and wash everything often, and not everyone can afford it.

Black Set

Contrary to all opinions, black looks very good in the kitchen. It looks stylish and goes well with any other shades. The main thing is not to overdo it, because black can visually reduce the space.

Beige kitchen

This color is widely used in the design of the kitchen. It visually increases the space and goes well with gold-colored hardware, wood or natural stone. It is easy to match beige with tiles or wallpaper.

Green in the kitchen Green kitchens attract attention, they are very bright. This color is great for combined kitchens. Variations of green also look good — khaki, swamp, lime, lettuce, malachite, turquoise. Yellow accents in the kitchen The color will suit cheerful and active people.

But too flashy solutions, as well as red, can lead to overall fatigue of the person. Wenge richly and thoroughly looks dark color of rare tropical wood. Increased durability and great appearance justify the cost of such a kitchen.

Wenge combines well with beige tones, white, pink and gray colors. Gray corner kitchen With a gray color you need to be careful, as it does not go well with colorful tones and not everyone can like it. A competently designed kitchen in such tones, can become quite attractive. Things of metallic color go well with gray. This should be kept in mind when selecting kitchen items.


Just as in the usual kitchen for a corner need drawers, cabinets, cabinets in the necessary amount. There must be a cabinet under the sink, a cabinet for storing and drying dishes, a rack for the hob and oven, a panel for the hood. If necessary — a bar counter with a couple of high chairs, a cabinet. You must remember about the space for a refrigerator, trashcan, dishwasher.


Fridge, because of its not insignificant size, forms a personal subspace and its own style. At the same time, it should blend in with the surroundings. No interior will be at odds with the color of the refrigerator — metallic. If you want the refrigerator to be in full harmony with the overall design of the corner kitchen, then this model can be trimmed with appropriate panels.


This element of the kitchen interior like no other should be subject to the overall style of the kitchen. It will be great if it together with the chairs will be made in the same tone and texture with the main furniture.

When choosing a dining table, the size of the room is taken into account, as well as the number of family members. Sofa Medium and small kitchens will suit a small kitchen sofa. In this case, it forms an independent area along with the kitchen table. This will be an exception to the rule — «all kitchen furniture in the same style.» Sometimes you can afford some freedom.

It is desirable that the sofa is slightly darker than the table. Ceiling A standard white ceiling will work for all kitchens. Such a color will never spoil an idea. It can be painted with a little colored paint in the general color of the kitchen. You do not need to get carried away.

Due to the fact that the dark ceiling reflects less light, the kitchen can be dark. To save space and visually increase the corner kitchen, you can completely abandon the chandelier on the ceiling. Instead, it is allowed to glue LED tape on the bottom of the cabinets, as well as install recessed lights. This will allow you to zoned lighting and perhaps the light will be even more.

Small corner kitchens

It is impossible to install all the necessary furniture in one row in a 5 sq. m. kitchen. With the small size of a corner kitchen, it is necessary to choose narrow countertops.

The window sill in this case should be turned into an extension of the countertop. From the dishwasher, of course, with such sizes of the kitchen will have to give up. It takes too much space. Dining table of normal size in a corner kitchen of small size will not be possible to place. You need to think about moving it to another room or combining the kitchen.

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