Clothing for girls and boys has long ceased to be monotonous, and the concept of children’s fashion is a separate segment in the fashion industry, which allows designers to demonstrate their abilities in a new light. Fashion houses dedicate a lot of time to the creation of collections of children’s clothing, which fully confirms the prevailing opinion that fashionable outfits for children has long been not only a way to stand out, to emphasize individuality and spontaneity, but also a simple necessity. It is worth noting that special attention is always paid to clothing for the spring and summer period. About what we will tell our readers further.

Fashionable styles

Since the main criteria in choosing outfits for boys and girls spring-summer 2022 are practicality and convenience, the most appropriate style trends in this case can be called classic, sports-chic, military, grunge and casual, which are wonderfully combined with each other or used separately. Such trends allow you to experiment in matters relating to the choice of the components of children’s images, always looking stylish, perfectly emphasize the individuality of the appearance and correspond to fashion trends.

Trends for girls

As a rule, little girls copy the behavior and manner of dressing in the older fairer sex, such as models from the covers of fashion magazines, mothers or older sisters. In particular, this fascination manifests itself not only in the choice of clothing design, but also in the materials from which it is made. In 2022, products made of denim and linen, cotton and velvet, velour and corduroy are a priority. As for the features of cut and design, flounces and lace inserts, clothes made of denim and other «adult» accessories are welcome.


Girls’ dresses for the spring-summer period can be called a real work of design art, as they are decorated with all kinds of bows and flounces, ruffles, sleeves and ties. The list of trendy models includes products with a bass, high waist and trapezoidal dresses. And also outfits with a low stand-up collar and asymmetric cut of shoulders. Blouses Fashionable blouses spring-summer 2022 for girls are a full alternative to all sorts of shirts and tops. The collections feature a variety of models with ruffles and flounces, embroidery, sequins and other decor. Older girls will enjoy a more discreet cut with lace inserts, ties, dropped shoulders and original buttons.


As for the constant attribute of girls’ closet — skirts, here it is acceptable to give preference to the pleated models, skirts of airy tulle or sun-flared. Jeans products with all kinds of abrasions, decor, fringe or «frayed edge» are considered no less attractive option.


Long-sleeved t-shirt or longsleeve is the best option for cool weather. These models have a large variety of variations, affect the colorfulness of prints, inscriptions and appliqués. For young fashionistas models with ruffles and bows are perfect. Older girls can choose to wear products with company logos or 3D drawings.

Trends for boys

Actual in all adult collections of men’s clothing masculine style very successfully found its realization in children’s clothing for boys. And at the peak of the fashion season are determined by outfits in the family look, because all young gentlemen dream to be like their fathers, as well as knitwear, clothing made of natural materials and layered images, allowing boys to pick up outfits like these macho.


In the season 2022 a great variety of t-shirts for boys are offered, where you can find not only solid-colored models, but also products in bright colors, with drawings and applications. It is also worth noting that products made in classic black or white color, T-shirts with cartoon characters, images of cars and superheroes are in trend.


When choosing a real men’s shirt for the boy’s closet, it is recommended to pay attention to models of absolutely all styles and styles. It can be a choice of a stylish monochrome shirt, a model in a check or stripes of linen, cotton, satin or denim. To create a fashionable image this type of clothing can be worn to graduation or tucked into pants, complemented by a vest and other accessories.


An invariable component of any young gentleman’s closet is a fashionable and stylish suit, which will allow the boy to look presentable in any situation and give him confidence. Products in black, white and gray are still at the peak of popularity. You can also use to create images of unusual colors, such as pink or blue suits, or even a combination of contrasting top and bottom of the set.

Pants and shorts

In 2022, global changes did not affect the details of cut or design of such types of clothing for boys as pants and shorts. Products of straight cut, free bermuda, original chinos and sports models with shortened pants are still popular and in demand. As for updates we can refer to the original patch pockets and all sorts of rivets, which became more and more.

Shoes and accessories

Comfortable shoes and various accessories with which you can emphasize the chosen style of clothing are indispensable attributes of any children’s image. And in this season it is acceptable to use shoes for boys and girls of any color, from leopard print, ending with a rainbow and sequins. It may be stylish boots or cool loafers, neat shoes for a real lady or sneakers, sandals with velcro, moccasins, sneakers or flip-flops. It all depends on the activity of the child and the overall style of the image.

Clothing Spring 2022

Fashionable children’s clothing for spring 2022 can generally be characterized by an abundance of colors and prints. Quite relevant will be purple, red, yellow, blue, pink and other rich hues. As well as polka dots, stripes and all sorts of interpretations of floral motifs. Unisex style products remain in demand, equally beautifully complementing both boyish and girlish images, and clothes made of denim. Summer Clothing 2022 The main criterion in choosing children’s clothing for the summer is comfort and quality materials that allow the body to breathe.

A minimum of belts, tight ties and straps is welcome. In fashion, bright prints and images, bold combination of colors and marine themes, the coloring in the style of «camouflage», clothing with graffiti and decorations. Children’s fashion is always subject to numerous discussions. After all, the task of designers is to create not only beautiful, but above all comfortable clothing. And the main critics in this case are the children themselves.

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