When building a country house, it is important to meet certain conditions in the design of the veranda. In this room, attached to the house, style is important. Veranda should be an extension of the main structure and blend with the overall structure.

They have common elements of the roof attachment and the foundation. The area of this room can be different. Veranda is connected with the house by one exit and can have different variations in configuration. Materials during construction should be used so that they do not sharply strike the eye against the background of the overall facade of the building.

Choice of design

There are several ways of decorating a veranda. The main criterion in such a room of a country house is the presence of a large amount of light. But there are times when an excess of sunlight is not appropriate. To do this, use elements that can reduce the illumination of this room: reflective film; blinds; curtains.

The classic form of the veranda in the country house — a rectangle. But there are other configurations of terraces: triangle; semicircle; trapezoid. In preparing the design project, the main problem is the conformity of the architectural appearance of the entire building with the terrace, as well as their proportionality.

The design is be carefully considered. Especially this applies to glazing and heating, as in this room should be comfortable even in the cold period of the year.

These factors directly affect the possibility of installing interior upholstered furniture on the terrace. Otherwise, it is worth considering the option of garden furnishings. You can equip a glazed terrace as a kitchen, as well as a real room. Verandas of summer homes and country houses can be of two types — closed or open.

Veranda design of the closed type

Depending on the location of the veranda relative to the sides of the world depends on the design of the room itself.

From all kinds of weather precipitations and phenomena, a closed terrace is fully protected. It can be used for different purposes: children’s playroom, kitchen or dining room, living room and winter garden. If the design of the veranda is well thought out, it can turn into a practical room for living, and most importantly — for recreation. Large windows and sliding doors can bring people as close to nature as possible who are in this room. You can build a fireplace, put comfortable furniture.

Glazed roof and walls of a closed veranda — a wonderful design option. The boundaries of the room will visually expand. This brightest room can be turned into a room for certain hobbies, meetings. If you equip the terrace as a children’s corner, you need to put here: a dry pool filled with balls; houses for dolls; hanging swings.

Cushions of all kinds of shapes and colors will decorate such a room. For the opportunity to engage in various types of creativity should put a table with chairs. Planning to use the terrace in the cold season, you need to take care about the installation here: insulating glass units; polycarbonate. Heaters, various fireplaces will help to heat the room.

Open-air veranda design

The main advantage of an open terrace is the abundance of fresh air. But for bad weather, such a room is not suitable. In a country house, an open veranda must have: comfortable railings; vertical supports. Between the balusters, the openings are decorated with curtains or lattices with the following weaves: horizontal; vertical; crosswise.

Shade and coolness on a hot day will provide beautiful curtains, and in cloudy weather they can be collected with special devices. With the help of fast-growing plants produce landscaping of open verandas in a private home. Liana, wild grapes, nasturtiums, decorative beans are perfect for these purposes. Annual garden flowers can be placed in cachets on supports. Summer terrace from this will look just great.

Light wicker furniture for such a room will suit best. It is best of all made of faux rattan. This option has a number of advantages: use in all weathers; wear resistance; light weight; beautiful appearance; Other garden furniture will also be a good buy. It can be simple plastic, elegant wicker or wooden.

The presence of a hammock in the interior of the terrace of the open type will make the rest in it as comfortable as possible. From the lighting also depends a lot in the design of the veranda of the country house. There are the following lighting options: luminous garlands on the walls; LED lighting; spotlights. Decorative lanterns will increase the overall impression.

Purpose of an outdoor patio

One of the main purposes of the outdoor veranda in the country house — the opportunity to relax and cozy rest. Additionally, such a room is a great transition that connects the garden and the main rooms.

One option could be a dining room in the open air. For this purpose, the terrace should be equipped with a small dining set. Completely kitchen set should not be moved. The design of the room should not be too bulky. Obligatory presence of such items: the workplace of the hostess; refrigerator; stove.

The room should be equipped with an area on which to store kitchen utensils and cutlery. On very hot days, it is uncomfortable to cook food inside the building.

An open veranda will be the salvation in solving this issue. In any case, the design of the future veranda depends directly on the preferences of the owners and the size of the terrace. Add to the originality of the veranda will have a flowerbed.

Photo gallery of the best options for veranda design


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