Bathroom in small apartment: ergonomic options for repair

The design of apartments and houses in the modern world is a fairly popular, promising and progressive phenomenon. It has become fashionable and customary to design projects of rooms, do Euro repair, apartment-studios, build a cottage, town-house. We are no strangers to the multitude of contemporary styles in architecture, design and interiors.

All these innovations are easy to implement, provided that your house or apartment is spacious enough, has a decent amount of square meters.

But if you are the owner of a well-known to everyone apartment, you will have to try and choose the most ergonomic and clever solutions for repairs. This is especially true for the most modest-sized bathrooms.

Bathroom renovation

Repair of the bathroom in a small room apartment should begin with a clear schematic design and planning of repair work. The main task will be to expand the bathroom space — visually and functionally.

Correct and competent decisions will be: bath of small size or compact shower cabin, hanging toilets and sinks, light-colored walls and flooring, the use of several mirrors and mirrored surfaces, correctly selected bathroom lighting.

Bathroom redesign

If cardinal changes in the bathroom are planned, then perhaps your apartment will suit the variant with redesign. Many Khrushchev projects have all sorts of niches in the walls or even small storage rooms, which are very often added to the bathroom area by demolishing the interior partitions.

This undoubtedly expands the space of the bathroom, but it is important to observe safety precautions. The partitions or parts of the wall must not be load-bearing. You will also need to obtain official permission from the relevant authorities.

Combined bathroom

Very difficult, but still possible to combine bathroom and toilet in small apartments built in the last century. To do this, you will need to apply all techniques to expand the space. Of course, one of the most popular options is the demolition of the partition between the bathroom and toilet. This method expands the area, but not everyone will be to everyone’s liking, especially families of three or more people.

Where you could use two rooms for hygienic procedures, there will remain one common room. But if you still like the idea of combining bathroom and toilet, it will increase the chances of the result in the form of a comfortable and quite spacious bathroom.

Choosing tiles for the bathroom in Khrushchev construction

The visual space of the room depends on the choice of tiles for a small bathroom. Ideally, it should be tiles on the walls and floor in white or light colors. Good suit glossy tile coating, the reflection of which will visually enlarge the room.

Excellent suit a combination of tiles with mirror inserts. If you have to choose between large and small tiles, it is better to opt for large, it looks more voluminous and will additionally enlarge the bathroom.

Design of a small bathroom

Despite the fact that the design of a small bathroom is mainly aimed at creating additional space and volume effect, of course you want to make and original accents, to embody the design ideas you like. The most suitable will be unobtrusive soft combinations of light shades in the tiles, elegant patterns, drawings, compact and original interior objects.

You can diversify the design built-in shelves for personal accessories with lighting. Be sure to think about and implement a profitable and effective options for lighting the bathroom in a hruschevka. Thanks to clever design, your bathroom can become not only a place to visit, but a pleasant and comfortable corner of rest.

The washing machine in a small bathroom

Most often the question with the placement of the washing machine in the apartment is solved in favor of placing this indispensable household appliance in the bathroom. This is facilitated not only by the desire to «hide» the washing process, but also with the convenience of water supply and drainage of the washing machine.

In order to compactly and conveniently place the washing machine in a modestly sized bathroom, you can resort to small tricks. For example, when buying a washing machine, choose a smaller one with a vertical load and designed to wash 3-5 kilograms of laundry. You can also place a larger one, but then give preference to a shower cabin or corner bath rather than a standard bathtub.

Budget options for bathroom renovation

In order for any bathroom to be not only ergonomic, but also economical in terms of financial expenditures on repairs, you need to consider the following recommendations:

First, it is possible to take part of the non-professional repair work: to prepare the room for repair, dismantle and dispose of old fixtures, tiles, conduct preparatory work.

Secondly, to use the best value for money materials for repair and design.

Thirdly, choose the right place to buy the materials needed for repairs, taking into account the cost of delivery, availability of discounts, discount cards, sales.

Bathroom in small room is not an ideal platform for the introduction of all the innovations in repair, design, plumbing. But a sound approach, weighed decisions, quality planning, design and implementation of the process of repair, remodeling and design of any size bathroom and the mood invested in this whole laborious procedure, guaranteed to give you an excellent result. Cosy, compact, functional bathroom with stylish decor and unique interior will become a real masterpiece and a favorite place for rest and relaxation in any apartment.

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