Bathroom 4 sq. m.: Big plans for a small area

The bathroom in a house or apartment of modern construction pattern of the XXI century has a fairly large area. The situation is quite different in apartment buildings and entire neighborhoods, designed and built in the middle-beginning of the past twentieth century.

Very often bathrooms in the old postwar and Soviet buildings have only 4 square meters of useful and so necessary for everyone area. Here, as they say, there is a conflict of interests: we have a wide knowledge and big plans concerning repairs and bathroom design, but very often we can’t realize our repair-design ideas because of banal lack of space.

Remodeling the bathroom

Before you start remodeling or repair work in your small bathroom, you should always take into account the location of water and sewer pipes, plumbing, ventilation ducts.

Excellent to save space in a small bathroom: a compact shower, hanging sink, washing machine with vertical loading of laundry, provided its location in the bathroom.

Be sure to use, if any in the structure, various niches and recesses for use as shelves for accessories or for hiding sanitary utilities.

Bathroom projects

You can prepare a bathroom project by yourself, taking into consideration the main important stages of repair, materials, interior and, of course, your needs, preferences and ideas. But you can entrust the designing of a small, but very necessary in every house bathroom to professionals-designers. In this case the project will be more accurate, detailed, ergonomic, but more noticeable for your wallet, because project and design services are paid.

In any case, at this stage you should decide on the items of sanitary and household appliances that you consider necessary to place in the bathroom: cabin, corner bath, toilet, sink, furniture, accessories, as well as to voice your preferences regarding design and interior.

Bathroom repair

At the stage of repair, the main and very important matter will be the choice of building materials. Popular solutions for small bathrooms are: finishing the walls and floor with ceramic tiles, agglomerate (artificial stone), porcelain tiles, plastic, aligning the walls and covering with paint that is resistant to high humidity.

Also during the repair work is necessary to take into account the planned design ideas and solutions: where and how plumbing will be located, what furniture and accessories will be installed, under what colors and light to prepare the room.

Bathroom Design

The design solution for the bathroom of a small area must necessarily be made entirely in light colors or with light volume accents on areas of darker color. This will give a small small room additional visual volume, visually increase and expand the small area of the room.

Will help in the visual expansion of the space of a small bathroom mirrors and mirror elements, glossy surfaces. And necessarily a bright saturated light. This can be spotlights, fluorescent lamps, highlighting different parts of the room. Lighting can include different modes of operation.

Combined bathroom

Even more labor-intensive will be the task of equipping, repairing and designing a small bathroom, if it is combined with a toilet. Labor-intensive — does not mean unfeasible. Choose the most compact sanitary ware: hanging toilet and sink, «modest» in size shower or shower with a tray and a curtain, place a minimum of bulky furniture, for example, a few hanging shelves, small cabinets.

Such small tricks will help to maintain a spacious atmosphere as much as possible and even, for example, to install a washing machine in a small bathroom, but necessarily with a vertical load.

Bathroom interior

In general, the interior creates a unique feeling and a special perception of the room from the inside. It is the creation of a unique interior that is the last final stage of the transformation of the bathroom, located in a small area of 4 square meters. And to complete, in some cases, the design can be completed with interior tricks: accents and accessories in different interior styles.

Even small bathrooms may be decorated in the most popular styles: classic and neoclassic, modern, minimalistic, marine, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, English, oriental, country, retro, Provence, art deco, eco-style, hi-tech.

Modern bathrooms

Today, the bathroom is not only a beautiful renovation, but also modern technology in repair and design solutions. Using an incredible demand for a warm floor, which for the bathroom is simply indispensable. Suspended sanitary ware, which is characterized by high ergonomics.

Modern ventilation systems, which allow for an uncontaminated bathroom atmosphere without humidity and unpleasant foreign odors.

Various innovative lighting systems, including multilevel, sensor and automatic, different types of lamps, lights and spotlights.

A large selection of sliding and folding interior doors, allowing to save the already limited space.

The bathroom is an indispensable and necessary, as well as multifunctional, room, without which no comfortable and full house or apartment would be comfortable. If you follow all the recommendations of the real repair specialists, experienced plumbers, leading designers, you will definitely implement the conceived project on the redevelopment, repair, design and decoration of the interior of the bathroom with a modest area of 4 square meters.

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