A universal basic set of clothes makes it easy to create stylish women’s images for any occasion, effectively emphasizing them with fashionable accessories and trendy elements. So what are the fashion trends in 2022 for a basic closet?

White tops


As a basic top may be chosen the classic white T-shirts, preferably made of cotton, minimalist and close-fitting tops or tops oversized with short sleeves. Special attention should be paid to the mega-popular, trendy white shirt in a classic style. It harmoniously complements any skirts and pants regardless of their style, material and color. An excellent universal element of the basic closet will be a traditional white women’s long sleeve shirt that perfectly combined with jeans, pencil skirt or miniskirt.


The fabric shirt, known to us more as a «t-shirt» is an unofficial element of the basic closet. However, due to its practical and quality characteristics, convenience and comfort, the T-shirt has become an indispensable item of basic women’s clothing. In 2022 it is appropriate to combine it with almost all other things, but necessarily take into account the peculiarities of the occasion and place when creating a women’s image: for a walk — under the denim jacket, at work — under the jacket, for rest — under the sportswear.


Classic pants are universal and indispensable item of basic closet. Due to their versatility and restraint they are suitable both for everyday use and for special occasions. Fashionable modern varieties of pants in 2022 are leggings, which surprisingly make a spectacular and original tandem with long tunics, skirts and dresses.


It is almost impossible to imagine our life without denim, which remains relevant and in demand in almost every fashion season for many years. The only thing that changes in jeans fashion — it cuts, colors, trendy decor. Denim material has excellent quality characteristics: durability, comfort, versatility, ease of care products.

Not surprisingly, jeans have become a must-have item of basic women’s spring closet. Denim jacket lightweight jacket or jacket made of denim fabric will come to good use in the cool summer evening. Trending models of jeans in fashionable spring season 2022 are jackets of classic cut with buttons with patch pockets and collar, volume jeans-oversize, laconic denim vest, cropped models.

Little black dress


As Coco Chanel said about her own innovation: «The little black dress should be in the closet of every woman. Modern designers fully agree with that and consider such a dress an indispensable item in the spring basic closet of any girl and woman. Little black dress is elegant and versatile, which allows you to create a spectacular combination with heels or white sneakers.

Leather suede jacket


Leather jacket in the original cut does not lose its leading positions not the first fashion season. It is perfectly combined with an elegant dress and classic high-heeled shoes, looks especially effective in combination with jeans and bulky boots on a tractor-soled shoe, creates a unique, somewhat controversial and feminine image in combination with an elegant and delicate lace dress. In 2022, to create fashionable images, you can choose a leather or suede biker jacket in different colors.

Women’s classic jacket

Such an element of the basic closet — a thing not for one season. All women in different periods of life and different situations need a neutral, discreet, monochrome (preferably white, gray, black), which will be a great laconic addition to the classic pants, skirts and dresses of different styles. Cardigan Elegant and practical detail of the basic women’s closet for the season spring-2022.

In the spring of this year are particularly relevant models of cardigans without buttons and with them, with a belt or with a zipper, made of knitwear and fur, knitted, oversized style, with voluminous sleeves, as well as decorated with ethnic, animalistic, geometric prints and motifs. Fashionable colors for cardigans are beige and white, powder, scarlet and burgundy shades of red, orange, yellow, bright green, fuchsia, turquoise and lavender, purple, sand and brown.

Sun glasses

It is difficult to imagine a fashionable women’s closet, especially summer and spring, without the presence in it at least one or two pairs of sunglasses. This practical accessory not only protects your eyes from the bright spring sun, but also adds a stylish fashion accent to a woman’s image. Tishades, butterflies, oversize glasses, aviators, trinity, hexagonal or rectangular frames and D-Frame glasses are in trend for spring 2022.


Irreplaceable for the basic women’s closet types of footwear in the spring of 2022 were strict classic high-heeled shoes, comfortable and versatile ballerinas, unsurpassed and mega-popular white sneakers. If we talk about shoes, the most popular and relevant are elegant pumps made of genuine leather or suede. White sneakers in today’s fashion — this is the absolute trend and masthead. White sneakers are worn today under a cute feminine dress and bold outfit with jeans and leather suits, prom dresses and office suits. Such popular models of spring shoes can complete absolutely any stylish look.

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