A 6 meter loggia: How to use the space effectively

Six-meter loggia — a great additional space in the apartment, which, with a skillful and competent approach can be turned into a useful and multifunctional place, to equip for recreation or for your favorite hobbies. In most layouts, this is a long and narrow room with regular or panoramic windows.

Design of a 6-meter loggia: where to start

The main ideas for the design of six meters are related to our desires and needs. What will we use the extra space for? With what interior style we will decorate the loggia? Among the most popular and functional design ideas six-meter loggia arrangement winter garden, recreation area, workshop, dressing room, library, sports corner, office.

Actual solution is to combine the space of the loggia with a nearby room. Popular styles with the help of which it is recommended to implement ideas are modern, Mediterranean, Provence, country, loft.

Glazing a six-meter loggia

When choosing a quality and suitable for your loggia, it is important to take into account several basic nuances, starting with the parameters, ending with the choice of the type of insulation. We begin with the survey of the balcony parapet about the deformation, partial destruction. If there are defects you should think about installing a new parapet in place of the old concrete, brick or metal one.

Today you can choose a suitable glazing of three types: cold, warm, semi-warm.

Cold glazing is suitable for the loggia, designed to store various household items. This glazing perfectly protects the loggia from precipitation, in the manufacture of window frames use plastic, wood, aluminum, steel.

Warm glazing involves creating a special warm microclimate. With this type of glazing, literally everything is insulated: window units, floor, walls, ceiling, you can install a warm floor or heating. Only two- or three-chamber double-glazed windows are used for warm glazing. In this balcony can create a full, suitable for housing functional and practical room with good lighting, necessary furniture, separate interior.

Semiwarm glazing — something in between the cold and warm. For semi-warm glazing, the following types of profiles are used: PVC, wood, aluminum, plastic frames and wide panoramic or French frames. The best option for semi-warm glazing is double glazing.

Repairing the loggia 6 meters

Before starting repair work, it is important to determine a clear sequence of their implementation. At the first stage — preparatory — we free from things, remove old trim, perform or update the glazing of the loggia, make quality wiring. In the next phase of repair six-meter loggia for protection against moisture by waterproofing works in one of the modern methods: pasting waterproofing in rolls, coating composition of polymer, liquid rubber, bitumen, treatment water repellent primer.

The next step — insulation of the floor, ceiling and walls of the loggia. Today, generally available the following options for insulation materials: foam plastic, foam plastic, mineral wool.

Then proceed directly to the finishing work. The ceiling is cladding, using modern high-quality materials: plasterboard, plastic, plaster, PVC-fiber. The most suitable materials for finishing walls are plastic, clapboard, siding. For the floor, choose a suitable coating: linoleum, carpeting, laminate, tile, wood, decking.

Finishing six-meter loggia

To perform finishing work on the loggia, experts recommend using high-quality and wear-resistant materials. This is due to the fact that the loggia has a higher level of natural light and materials can burn out in the sun, in a six-meter long and narrow room often suffer wall coverings and corners from mechanical damage.

Popular and high-quality materials for finishing the loggia include the following: wood, plastic, artificial stone, glass, ceramic, decorative plaster, metal, and paint products. For minimalist decoration of the loggia it is better to choose laconic interior styles: loft, high-tech, minimalism, modern, Japanese.

Interior of the loggia 6 meters

Six-meter loggia allows you to equip on its territory several useful, functional and comfortable interiors. One popular option is a workroom on the loggia. To create this interior you will need a compact desk on which place a laptop or monitor, a desk lamp. The work area should be supplemented with ergonomic comfortable chair. On the wall there should be hinged shelves for placing papers, folders, printer and stationery.

The walls can be decorated with pictures or photographs, indoor plants and flowers in original pots or cachets will dilute the interior and give fresh colors. If the exit to the loggia is designed from the kitchen, you can equip an excellent compact dining room on six meters of additional space.

To create a harmonious interior of the dining room on the loggia, we use a folding dining table or table-transformer, folding or compact stools, chairs, use beautiful curtains to design the window units. It is possible to implement an original and stylish option — a bar counter.

One of the most popular interiors for the loggia is a recreation area. In this case, you compose the interior exclusively from your favorite things and accessories, convenient and unusual furniture.

Cozy and comfortable six-meter loggia with quality repair and original interior can easily become a favorite place, with a special atmosphere and magnificent views from the windows of the loggia.

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